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I-35 delays delayed in Johnson County

Mark Fagan

Turns out road crews aren't immune from the same time-crunching pressures we all face.Here's a rundown of two highway projects in the area: One that remains scheduled to disrupt your driving, and another that - for now - is putting off your detours and delays until a later date, as ...

Traffic delays to come along I-70 in Topeka

Mark Fagan

Drivers heading to Topeka on Interstate 70 will encounter some road work - weather permitting, as always - that could slow them down in the coming days.Here's a rundown of the scheduled projects, taken from information provided by the fine folks at the Kansas Department of Transportation:¢ On Thursday, **Oct. ...

Repairs at 19th and Ohio to slow, divert traffic Wednesday, Thursday

Mark Fagan

Scheduled pavement-repair work will be expected to cause traffic detours and delays Wednesday and Thursday in the area of 19th and Ohio streets. Contractors are scheduled to start work Wednesday on a project to repair pavement at the intersection. The pavement problem allows water to pool in the area - ...

Weekly road work update

Mark Fagan

OK, daily commuters, out-of-town shoppers and geez-I'm-finally-getting-back-home-after-the-Chiefs-game drivers... It's time for an update on road work in the area. Here's the rundown of projects scheduled during the next seven days along Interstate 70, from the fine folks at the Kansas Department of Transportation: ¢ From 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. ...

New turnpike machines to take personal tolls

Mark Fagan

Drivers using the new Kansas Turnpike interchange in Leavenworth County won't get a chance to make small talk with a toll collector - unless it's through a push-button video feed and audio link with a turnpike employee miles away. Turns out that the new interchange - at what will be ...

Motorcycle riders to hit highways for good causes

Mark Fagan

Northeast Kansas isn't exactly Sturgis, but it may feel like the iconic motorcycle haven this weekend. At least in the philanthropic sense, as two charitable motorcycle rallies are set for this weekend: ¢ Saturday's sixth-annual Poker Run, organized by the Kansas Department of Transportation, will go for 105 miles [(map ...

Good news: Fuel prices decline

Mark Fagan

This just in from the folks at AAA: Fuel prices are down in Lawrence and elsewhere in the state.And that, of course, is a good thing.Motorists are paying an average of $3.51 for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline Tuesday in Lawrence, down 14 cents from a month ago, according ...

Can we credit Michael Phelps for falling gas prices?

Mark Fagan

Gasoline prices nationwide dropped by an average of 15 cents a gallon during the past two weeks, and for that I'm thanking Michael Phelps.Call it the latest edition of Phelps Magic. Or the Olympic Effect. Or The Beijing Games Most Excellent Economic Assistance for Capitalist America.May as well.The reasoning behind ...


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