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Former Gov. Bill Graves to talk of ‘Transportation at a Crossroads’ at KU

Mark Fagan

Former Gov. Bill Graves will be back in Kansas this month to discuss the economy’s effect on the transportation of goods.Graves — who is president and chief executive officer of the American Trucking Associations — is scheduled to deliver a lecture, “Transportation at a Crossroads,” at 7 p.m. Feb. 26 ...

New traffic signals speed ahead of Wal-Mart to NW Lawrence intersection

Mark Fagan

Wal-Mart may not be opening for another couple months, but a set of traffic signals adjacent to the site is up and running.And in response to a question posed by a follower of Wheel Genius, the city’s traffic engineer has agreed to check the signals out to make sure they’re ...

Airline fees - What's next? $30 for a window seat?

Mark Fagan

Airline fees are fun, aren't they?A few weeks ago I flew to Phoenix, and paid $15 to check a bag each way. Fees for checked bags, of course, spur everyone to carry on as much as possible -- which clogs up the overhead bins, and the under-seat spaces.Below, you'll find ...

Watch for lane closures in K.C. area

Mark Fagan

Looks like bridge inspections and related work are picking up in the Kansas City metro area, cutting into the free flow of traffic on some major roadways.Here’s a rundown of the traffic effects of various projects this week, according to the Kansas Department of Transportation:U.S. Highway 69• Bridge work will ...

On Kasold bridge, a center lane isn't for traffic — yet

Mark Fagan

Mark - Can somebody please enlighten me on why Kasold has a middle turning lane over the turnpike bridge? — bndairdundat, from a post on an earlier Wheel Genius blog entry.Good question. And while I had my suspicions, I didn’t want to rely on my own recollection of the circumstances. ...

'Angry Motorist’ asks Wheel Genius for help turning left at Bob Billings and Iowa

Mark Fagan

Time for a new, semi-regular feature here at Wheel Genius.You know what it’s like when you’re driving around town, or anywhere else for that matter, and notice something strange, frustrating or just plain stupid.You wonder: Why doesn’t someone do something about it?Well, here’s your chance.Whether it’s a rash of potholes ...

Transit consultant to get up to $120,000 from KDOT

Mark Fagan

Revenues from increased sales taxes won’t be the only funds accelerating plans for coordinated transit services in Lawrence.This week, the Kansas Department of Transportation agreed to contribute up to $120,000 to the joint efforts of the city and Kansas University to hire a consultant to help drive coordination efforts.The consultant, ...

KU on Wheels extends route to serve GSP/Corbin residence halls

Mark Fagan

KU on Wheels is extending one of its bus routes, without spending any more money.The transit system, which serves Kansas University, now provides evening and night service for residents of GSP and Corbin residence halls at the northern edge of campus.The system’s Rec Center/JRP Circulator bus (that’s route 42) now ...

Motives drive talk of transportation spending

Mark Fagan

A day after Kansas University researchers released a report outlining nine threats to transportation, along comes another group with its own take on national challenges and suggested solutions.But be warned: The new report comes from a fairly obvious advocacy position.The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials’ new report, ...

Turnpike store, fuel pumps close for six months east of Lawrence

Mark Fagan

Contributed photoThis image shows the exterior of a new EZ Go Convenience Store at the Belle Plaine Service Area, which is on the Kansas Turnpike south of Wichita. The same design is being used for a new EZ Go store at the Lawrence Service Area, which is five miles east ...

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