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Kansas households move in 'near-perfect balance'


Economic-development types like to say that Kansas never records the market highs of California, Las Vegas or any other red-hot market — nor does the state suffer the rock-bottom collapses of, say, California, Las Vegas or other swing-susceptible areas.Now there’s more proof.The number of people moving into Kansas essentially equaled the number of people moving out in 2008, according to United Van Lines’ annual “migration” study.The study, released Tuesday, found that Kansas “achieved a near-perfect balance” of inbound and outbound moves — at least judging by those handled through the moving company’s network of 1,000 affiliates.Of the company’s 4,676 interstate moves involving Kansas, 2,350, or 50.4 percent, were for people coming into the state while 2,320, or 49.6 percent, were for people headed out. It was the third consecutive year that Kansas was on the plus side of the ledger.It hasn’t always been that way. Before 2006, Kansas had lost more households than it had gained in 27 of 28 years that the state had been included in the study. (For a look at a chart showing the full history for Kansas and other states, click here.)For 2008, the District of Columbia topped the list of locations attracting residents, with 62.1 percent of its moves being for people coming in. Next up with positive gains were Nevada (59.2 percent) and North Carolina (58.2 percent).Losing residents at the highest rate in 2008 was Michigan, which saw 67.1 percent of moves leave the state. Next on the list were North Dakota (58.9 percent) and New Jersey (58.7 percent).United Van Lines bases its study, now in its 32nd year, on the company’s interstate household moves for the year. United said it had nearly 199,000 such moves in 2008, down from nearly 213,000 a year earlier.


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