KDOT planning for ‘Johnson County Gateway’ at K-10, I-435, I-35

Kansas Highway 10 connects with Interstate 435, which in turn connects with Interstate 35 — while nearly 500,000 vehicles negotiate the involved interchanges each day.

The stretch of lanes, bridges and ramps now is the subject of a 27-month study, one designed to come up with solutions for handling the increased traffic projected to arrive in the coming years.

The Kansas Department of Transportation on Thursday announced the launch of a study web site, www.jocogateway.com, to keep people up to speed on the comprehensive project.

Goals of the project include identifying ways for the three-highway gateway to better handle increased traffic, accommodate more public transit, and support economic opportunities.

Specifically, the project will study the three highways and how they interact — with particular focus on three areas:

• K-10 from Ridgeview Road to I-435.

• I-435, from Quivira Road to 95th Street.

• I-35, from 95th to 119th streets.

The study calls for creating a “preliminary design concept” for improving the interchanges, plus devising a prioritized list of recommendations for better moving traffic safely and efficiently through the area.

Officials expect a final design concept to include phased projects that could be built as financing became available.

For more information about the study, visit www.jocogateway.com.