Walkers Treading on Thin Ice

A daily walk is the most accessible physical and mental fitness activity I have ever found. It’s free, self-paced, and doesn’t require fancy gear. You can walk alone or with others, as long as there’s daylight, in most Lawrence neighborhoods.

But the recent blizzard has turned our fairly walkable city into an obstacle course for pedestrians. I’m not complaining about city snow removal. On the contrary, I think those guys are doing a great job, all things considered. I also know many homeowners are trying valiantly to clear their sidewalks.

Still, I’m finding it hard to get my daily walking fix safely. Which makes me wonder if other fitness walkers are having the same problem. Where do you walk when ice and snow make your usual route hazardous? If you have a favorite safe route, indoors or out, please share.

P.S. Treadmills and gyms are great if you can afford them, but I’m really looking for something free and accessible to all local walkers.