Praeger and Bremby: Lifestyle Changes Key to Improving Community Health

Trying to change the lifestyle habits that make Americans unhealthy will make reforming our national health insuance coverage system look like child’s play.

That’s according to Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger and KDHE Secretary Rod Bremby.

Praeger and Bremby, along with Lawrence Memorial Hospital CEO Gene Meyer and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas General Counsel Matt All, were featured yesterday in a Leadership Lawrence panel discussion on healthcare reform.

Secretary Bremby identified three lifestyle choices that profoundly affect our collective health and healthcare costs: tobacco use, nutrition and physical activity level. He went on to predict that the healthcare industrial complex–doctors, hospitals, insurers–will not be the driving force behind widespread lifestyle change. Instead, communities must organize and begin to take small steps toward making healthy choices the easiest choices for

LiveWell Lawrence is trying to do just that. It is a daunting challenge, and one that takes thousands of us working for healthier policies and environments in our businesses, schools, neighborhoods, places of worship, and other everyday environments.

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