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Seed Fair draws garden enthusiasts

Shaun Hittle

Lawrence resident Dana Parfitt had some ambitious garden plans growing as she collected more and more seeds Saturday at the second Kaw Valley Seed Fair. “Wow,” said Parfitt as she thumbed through the small packets of asparagus, watermelon and zucchini seeds, just to name a few. Parfitt, a Kansas University ...

Graphic ad warns against overconsumption of sugared beverages

Marilyn Hull

This public service announcement put out by the New York City health department sure got my attention: We Midwesterners tend to not want to get in people's faces this way, but you have to admit, it makes a point. Not that I have anything in particular against soda. You could ...

Community Foundation to Host LiveWell Grant Information Sessions

Marilyn Hull

So far, the Douglas County Community Foundation has 20 people representing 15 different organizations signed-up to attend LiveWell Lawrence grant information sessions. If you missed the news reports about these sessions, they will be held January 28 at 4:00 p.m. and January 29 at noon in the Lawrence Public Library ...

Walkers Treading on Thin Ice

Marilyn Hull

A daily walk is the most accessible physical and mental fitness activity I have ever found. It's free, self-paced, and doesn't require fancy gear. You can walk alone or with others, as long as there's daylight, in most Lawrence neighborhoods. But the recent blizzard has turned our fairly walkable city ...

Praeger and Bremby: Lifestyle Changes Key to Improving Community Health

Marilyn Hull

Trying to change the lifestyle habits that make Americans unhealthy will make reforming our national health insuance coverage system look like child's play. That's according to Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger and KDHE Secretary Rod Bremby. Praeger and Bremby, along with Lawrence Memorial Hospital CEO Gene Meyer and Blue Cross ...

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