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Obama's Kansas values


Kansas native, Kansas University graduate and [ Wall Street Journal veteran Gerald Seib][1] writes a thoughtful column about "What Obama Values In Kansas." Seib notes all the connections between Obama and Kansas through his mother and two of the reported top contenders to become his running mate: Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine and Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. Those could be portrayed as mere coincidence, but Seib also makes a skilled comparison between the political waters in Kansas and the scenario that now is unfolding nationwide and suggests that Sebelius' experience in navigating those storms might be useful to the next president.¢¢¢Despite the rampant speculation, it now looks like neither the Democratic nor Republican vice presidential choices will be announced until close to the end of the Olympic Games and the beginning of the national conventions. [ Walter Shapiro of salon.com][2] says that may set up dissension on the convention floors if the last-minute veep selections aren't well received. [1]: http://blogs.wsj.com/politicalperceptions/2008/08/05/what-obama-values-in-kansas/?mod=googlenews_wsj [2]: http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2008/08/05/veeps/


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