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Sebelius passed over

Ann Gardner

Joe Biden was the safe decision, according to the conservative [ American Spectator,][1] but Gov. Kathleen Sebelius really was Obama's first choice personally. If Obama's recent trip abroad had produced higher poll numbers and a greater sense of confidence in Obama's ability to deal with foreign affairs, the magazine speculates, ...

We'll know soon

Ann Gardner

Despite the effort to parse every statement or nuance put forth by Sen. Barack Obama or any of the front runners to become his running mate, it's clear that the media are only guessing about who the vice presidential choice will be. Biden is drawing the most focus right now, ...

Veep race down to the finish line

Ann Gardner

[ The New York Times][1] says Sen. Barack Obama has "all but settled" on his choice of running mates and now is orchestrating the announcement, which almost certainly will come by week's end. Many sources (including the [Associated Press][2]) say Obama will choose one of four people - Virginia Gov. ...

Veep guessing game continues

Ann Gardner

[ MarketWatch blogger Russ Britt][1] still has lots of questions and not many answers about Obama's potential running mate. Governor or senator? Experienced hand or change agent? Male or female? Although various candidates continue to rise to the top of various lists, it remains unclear how Obama will answer those ...

Convention schedule stokes speculation

Ann Gardner

As the Democratic National Convention draws near, political observers are grasping at every possible piece of evidence in an effort to divine Sen. Barack Obama's choice of a running mate. The announcement Wednesday that Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is scheduled to speak at the convention on Tuesday, Aug. 26, was taken ...

Insurance commissioner experience a plus for Sebelius

Ann Gardner

With health care a primary concern across the nation, American voters shouldn't overlook the fact that Gov. Kathleen Sebelius previously served as the Kansas Insurance Commissioner and blocked a merger involving Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. [ Darrell Delamaide at MarketWatch][1] says, especially in a strugging economy, that ...

Obama's Kansas values

Ann Gardner

Kansas native, Kansas University graduate and [ Wall Street Journal veteran Gerald Seib][1] writes a thoughtful column about "What Obama Values In Kansas." Seib notes all the connections between Obama and Kansas through his mother and two of the reported top contenders to become his running mate: Virginia Gov. Tim ...

Why not Sebelius?

Ann Gardner

Is Gov. Tim Kaine really just Sebelius light? [ The New Republic][1] asks why the Virginia governor should trump Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who has all the same positives, as well as being more experienced. Is Sebelius being hampered by concerns over a backlash if Obama chooses a female running ...

What are the odds?

Ann Gardner

So exactly what are Gov. Kathleen Sebelius' chances of being Sen. Barack Obama's running mate? Well, [,][1] an online betting site, says the Kansas governor has an 8/1 shot. That puts her in fourth place after Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine and Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh, who both are listed ...

Critics weigh in on Sebelius, Kaine

Ann Gardner

You know you're a frontrunner when the critics start tearing you down. [ The Catholic News Agency][1] reports that Fidelis, a national Catholic advocacy group is lobbying against Sen. Barack Obama's choice of either Gov. Kathleen Sebelius or Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine as a running mate. "The choice of a ...

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