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Hot or Not II


I was very surprised when I found out that the vice presidential debate was more widely watched than the presidential debate. It would be hard to deny the fact that the major draw for this debate was Sarah Palin. I don't think that Joe Biden had the charisma or intrigue to garner such an audience. I wasn't sure what it was about Sarah Palin that draws so much interest, but after watching the debate I think I have an idea.For being a novice and inexperienced, she stood her ground against the tenured Biden. There was a lot of talk about how she would present herself and if her inexperience would show during the debate. She passed that test with flying colors. There is something about this woman's ability to deliver a message and make a connection with the audience. Her background is one that many of us can relate to. We all know someone who has a pregnant teen, or a child at war or a special-needs kid. This puts her in a category that no other candidate can claim to have been a part of.While these qualities might not make her a savvy politician, it goes a long way for people to be able to identify with her more as a person than a politician. Maybe that's the draw; everyone wants to know more about this woman, including the skeletons in her closet. She is almost like a reality TV star because there is so much interest in her personal life as well as her public life. McCain, Obama and Biden don't have this to contend with.For all her lack of experience, I think she makes a very fascinating candidate. Maybe her naivete is what is endearing about her. Just as I say this, I can almost hear many who think otherwise and would accuse me of being ignorant. Let's make one thing clear: I'm not judging her on the facts that she presented at the debate or if she is qualified to be the vice president. I'm just trying to understand what makes this woman the most intriguing and debated candidate.During the debate, Biden's tactic was to promote Obama and attack McCain. He followed the script well. All too well - because it sounded a lot like what a politician would rattle off in a speech. Sarah Palin, however, chose to even ignore some of the questions and spoke directly to the American people. While she rendered support to McCain, she was most often debating and pleading her cause with the camera. That was somewhat refreshing. She almost seemed like the candidate pleading for votes for the Palin-McCain ticket.I still don't understand how both candidates can get away with so many inaccuracies in their debate. How they spin some things is beyond me. That's one reason why I don't give much credence to the facts that are spewed out by candidates at the debate. I was more interested in how they presented themselves as potential leaders of this country. While it was easier to picture Biden as president, there was something uncanny, almost surreal, in thinking that Sarah Palin could be the president of the United States. She will probably make mistakes - maybe she will be a flop - but one thing is for sure: She will always be a captivating and intriguing persona in the world of politics.


1029 9 years, 8 months ago

I was a little concerned that people watching the debate may be as ignorant and undereducated as Sarah Palin, in which case they would look positively on her incoherent, doesn't-know-what-is-going-on-outside-of-Alaska-and-until-a-few-months-ago-didn't-even-care-and-therefore-is-unable-to-even-attempt-to-answer-the-question performance. Paul's 2nd paragraph says it all. I want to be nice--or at least not be mean, but I just can't do it. This guy is a jack**s. Unfortunately for society, there are a lot of voters out there just like Paul. How can one be so fooled by her decisions to "speak directly to the American people" instead of answering the question? Palin chose this tactic because she knows how ignorant and underinformed/undereducated she is and insultingly hopes that the people watching are the same way. Up until a few years ago, she had no interest in politics. She didn't look at the world around her and think about what she liked/didn't like about it. She didn't wake up every morning and check out the latest current events. She didn't have opinions or ideas about events happening in the world. She didn't care. It's understandable if the average American voter doesn't know about the history of the relationships between the U.S. and countries in the Middle East. It's understandable if the average American voter doesn't understand the legislative process enough to see through all the accusations (from both sides) about voting records in regards to things like "raising taxes" and "funding troops". However, people should not accept a vice presidential candidate who so dangerously ignorant. Especially one that tries to mask this ignorance by going over the top in trying to identify with voters by being cute and folksy. Nobody should be fooled by Palin's "folksy" approach and the cutesy tone her voice takes and her pathetic attempts to appeal to American simpletons. People should be insulted by her presence.

ilovelucy 9 years, 8 months ago

Paul: with all due respect, I think you need to go back to politics 101.

woodenfleaeater 9 years, 8 months ago

My friend said it best:"McCain / Palin will lose the election, and Palin will end up posing in Playboy"One can only hope.If they lose, it seems that is the only way people will remember her.

jonas_opines 9 years, 8 months ago

"That was somewhat refreshing. She almost seemed like the candidate pleading for votes for the Palin-McCain ticket."That's. . . refreshing? The rest of this blog seems to me, paraphrased, to say essentially this: "I didn't come out of the debate with any sense of her skills or capabilities as a politician or a leader, but her personality is pretty interesting." That. . . well. . . kind of scares me.

Charles L. Bloss, Jr. 9 years, 8 months ago

She impresses me as well. McCain made a brilliant choice. Thank you, Lynn

ilovelucy 9 years, 8 months ago

Thanks for saying what I didn't. I was trying to be nice.

ilovelucy 9 years, 8 months ago

Just a reminder, Ms. Palin is not the only candidate with a child fighting in the war. Even though she would like you to think that she is. Remember, Senator Biden also has a son in Iraq. But it would have been hard to catch that fact while being dazzled by the wit, rhetoric and strong answers that Ms. Palin gave at the debate.

kansas778 9 years, 8 months ago

Here's a video of a great discussion between two law professors about the constitutional role of the Vice President, and some discussion about Palin and Biden and what they bring to the ticket.http://law.widener.edu/NewsandEvents/Articles/2008/de100108pizzapolvp.aspx

theloneconservative 9 years, 8 months ago

It is amusing to watch liberals espouse their views for equal rights for women. Instead, liberals have been exposed, not for wanting equal rights, but for their views being the only acceptable solution. Palin is pro-life and her daughter is following through on a value that was instilled from childhood that all life has value. 'A women can't possibly be pro-life and want equality for women.' The last time I checked, women do have the right to choose ... in the bedroom. Palin is pro-gun and believes that our right to bear arms is a right that is protected by the constitution. 'How dare this woman be doing something associated with masculinity.' I could go on, however the main point is that all Americans should have the decency to respect Palin's rise in politics. Whether you vote for her is another issue. After all, isn't that the fair and equal thing to do.

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