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Panda Express files plans to go into new building near Wal-Mart at 33rd and Iowa

Chad Lawhorn

Lawrence’s South Iowa Street still isn’t going to have a mall, but soon it will have a staple of mall food courts across the country. Panda Express, the country’s largest quick-service Chinese food restaurant chain, has filed plans to locate in the new building in front of Wal-Mart at the ...

‘Nanobrewery’ hopes to set up operations in western Douglas County; demand for tickets to downtown Lawrence craft beer expo anything but ‘nano’

Chad Lawhorn

My wife is always harping at me (we could just end the sentence right there) to consume more locally grown food. Well, I’ve just heard of a local garden that has piqued my interest. Among its main crops are hops and barley. And no, they’re not using them to make ...

Lawrence home sales increase by nearly 28 percent in 2012, but home values on the decline, according to two new reports

Chad Lawhorn

Another day and another sign that Lawrence’s economy had a bit of a bounce-back year in 2012. Yesterday we reported on strong growth in retail sales in Lawrence. Well, Lawrence homebuyers are not to be outdone. They actually increased their buying pace faster than shoppers did. A new report shows ...

Rule changes on how many unrelated people can live in a house up for discussion at City Hall

Chad Lawhorn

Tonight is one of those nights at Lawrence City Hall where people may come to appreciate the importance of technicalities. There’s an item on the City Commission’s agenda that looks pretty technical because it involves a lot of language about development codes, definitions and other terms of art that make ...

Lawrence retail sales post 5 percent gain in 2012, the largest growth rate since 1998

Chad Lawhorn

New numbers suggest Lawrence shoppers didn’t exactly go crazy during the holiday shopping season, but they did a pretty good job of being loose with their wallets every other time of the year. The city has closed the books on its 2012 sales tax collections, which means we also can ...

New city survey shows about 20 percent have concerns with taste of city's drinking water

Chad Lawhorn

A bit “earthy” is how Lawrence city officials described the taste and smell of the city’s drinking water for a period in June 2012. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether that is the adjective of your choice to describe the city’s tap water during [last summer’s outbreak][1] ...

New microbrewery planned for downtown Eudora

Chad Lawhorn

It’s beginning to make a little more sense. Perhaps you are not like me and you don’t spend a good part of the year wondering why Winnie the Pooh acts so dang strange. Perhaps you also don’t have a spouse who fills your home with the odd little bear every ...

Economic development board questions whether new vo-tech campus ought to be located on former Farmland Industries site

Chad Lawhorn

When voters go to the polls in April, they may have junior college on their minds just a bit. That’s because about $5.7 million of the Lawrence Public School district’s proposed $92.5 million bond issue would go towards bringing together [three area community colleges][1] to create a new campus for ...

Pittsburg State proving Lawrence and KU not the only university-city sports facility partnership

Chad Lawhorn

Lawrence, don’t be alarmed, but a group of Gorillas have been watching you. Now, it is our turn to watch them, for at least a moment. The folks at Pittsburg State University — home of the Pitt State Gorillas — have been reading with interest all the comings and goings ...

The latest list of property sales in Lawrence and Douglas County

Chad Lawhorn

Another week means another week of real estate sales and land transfers as recorded by our friends down at the Douglas County Courthouse. Nothing too much to report on the commercial front this week, but [click here][1] to see the complete list of property sales for the week ending Jan. ...

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