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Online petition drive asks city commissioners to put $25M recreation center project up for citywide vote

Chad Lawhorn

There was a fairly interesting development this weekend related to the city’s proposed regional recreation center. It started with an [article in the Journal-World on Sunday][1] about the various positions each City Commission candidate has taken on the proposed $25 million regional recreation center. Candidate Scott Criqui said, among other ...

Work to begin soon on 23rd and O'Connell traffic signal; developers and housing authority still working on plans for rent-controlled apartment complex for area

Chad Lawhorn

All you growth hawks who have had your eyes trained for so long on northwest Lawrence may want to look briefly to the east for a bit. One of the more visible signs that growth is expected to come to an area soon will pop up at the intersection of ...

City clears the way for traffic-calming devices to be installed on 27th Street between Iowa and Louisiana

Chad Lawhorn

Here’s a free tip for all those people looking for a new business venture in the future: An auto alignment shop — or maybe a muffler repair business — near the corner of 27th and Iowa streets. It is beginning to look more likely that the busy stretch of 27th ...

New $16M water plant project buying more land; signs of change at Naismith Hall student dorms; and other property sales for the week

Chad Lawhorn

Another week and another set of property sales and land transfers to review. This week, water and student housing (I don’t recall that being the most popular beverage in student housing, by the way) are subjects that stand out from the list of recent sales. Before we get to that, ...

Lawrence-based software development firm seeking incentives to create new jobs; also has expressed interest in possible site at former Farmland Industries location

Chad Lawhorn

There are signs that city of Lawrence officials are circling in on what could be the first tenant in a project to convert the former Farmland Industries fertilizer plant into a business park. There also are signs that the public may get its first taste of what type of incentives ...

Four more candidates file for Lawrence City Commission seats ahead of today's deadline; field set at 11 candidates

Chad Lawhorn

Voters, get your memory caps out. Lawrence residents will have 11 different candidates to choose from during the upcoming City Commission elections. The filing deadline was at noon today, and four more candidates threw their names into the ring. Two of the candidates — Judy Bellome, the retired CEO of ...

Solar panels on the roofs of downtown Lawrence buildings ready to start cranking out electricity

Chad Lawhorn

A fellow can see lots of unusual things in downtown Lawrence: A honk for hemp guy; a gauntlet of street musicians of varying skill levels; and occasionally — thankfully — a man who walks around in nothing but a full-body suit of Spandex. (Please tell me I’m not the only ...

Compton says he thinks convention center would be good addition to downtown Lawrence

Chad Lawhorn

I wonder if Lawrence businessman Doug Compton is becoming the E.F. Hutton of downtown Lawrence. Oh, what’s that? You don’t remember popular television commercials from the 1970s? (My understanding is that there are large swaths of Lawrence’s population who lived through the 1970s but for some reason don’t remember them.) ...

Speculation that retired health care executive and Lawrence neighborhood leader both will enter race for Lawrence City Commission

Chad Lawhorn

We’re dismissing questions about the upcoming Lawrence City Commission election like my wife dismisses my request to have access to our ATM PIN number. First was whether the Lawrence City Commission race would have enough candidates for a primary? Yep. As we reported last week, there are now seven candidates ...

Rock Chalk Park project likely to ask for property tax abatement from City Hall; questions about for-profit ownership emerge

Chad Lawhorn

New details keep emerging about Thomas Fritzel and Kansas University’s proposed Rock Chalk Park sports complex in northwest Lawrence. The newest one is that the developers of the project will be asking for a 10-year property tax abatement from the city. City commissioners also will be asked to provide up ...

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