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New report finds city's broadband market sub-par

Chad Lawhorn

Costlier, slower, more limited: It is bringing back memories of the teacher comment section on my report cards. Well, this is a report card of sorts, and "costlier, slower, more limited" is the key phrase in a new study of the city’s Internet broadband market. A consulting team hired by ...

Lawrence home builders have best first quarter since 2010, according to new report; Hallmark undertakes another $3.3 million in construction

Chad Lawhorn

Shine that hammer and sharpen that saw. There are signs that the Lawrence homebuilding industry is getting busier. According to a new report released by City Hall, builders started 23 new single-family or duplex homes in Lawrence during March. That brings the total number of single-family and duplex permits to ...

Popular breakfast restaurant Milton's returning to downtown in space currently occupied by Loopy's

Chad Lawhorn

There are a few survival tips I’ve learned in nature: Never stare a feral hog in the eye; don’t get between a bear and her cub; and don’t block a Lawrence resident from his French toast. That last one is courtesy of David Lewis, the former owner of the one-time ...

City seeking grant money to improve 23rd and Haskell intersection in preparation for increased traffic from SLT

Chad Lawhorn

If there is a special set of scissors out there that have been put aside to cut the ribbon on the completed South Lawrence Trafficway, it may be time to get them out and limber them up. You’ll probably have to knock the rust off of them too. After all, ...

Menard's project highlights city rule on vacant space; a look at how Lawrence ranks in state retail report

Chad Lawhorn

Build it, and it will be empty. That's the motto of Lawrence, at least in one way. City planners will be reminded of that tonight. The Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission will consider a proposal by Menard's, the large home improvement chain, to build a 190,000-square-foot store just east of 31st ...

Group finalizing lease for East Lawrence space to house incubator for artists, inventors, craftsmen

Chad Lawhorn

Finally, a gym where they won’t look at me funny when I wear my biker shorts with my tool belt. No, it won’t have treadmills and weight benches. It will have something even better: tools and workbenches. Eric Kirkendall, a local advocate for artists and inventors, has confirmed to me ...

Dance studio for adults expands into space at Orchards Corner in West Lawrence

Chad Lawhorn

Back in the day, when the little space in the Orchards Corner Shopping Center at Bob Billings and Kasold housed the Brass Apple restaurant, there was a lot of stretching going on in the space. Mainly, stretching of my elastic waistband. Well, now there is stretching of a different type. ...

Chipotle files plans to build restaurant on 23rd Street

Chad Lawhorn

If you are like me and you need a burrito break every once in a while as you navigate the traffic on 23rd Street, you’ll soon have a new option. The folks from Chipotle Mexican Grill have filed plans to tear down an existing retail building on 23rd Street and ...

City lays off one employee in Planning Department; creates new position of Small Business Facilitator

Chad Lawhorn

The folks who oversee the planning of the city’s growth and development are drawing up a new plan about how to run their department. Scott McCullough, director of the city’s Planning and Development Services Department, has confirmed his office recently laid off one employee as part of a reorganization plan. ...

Lawrence's retail sales up 2.1 percent for first quarter

Chad Lawhorn

In case you had forgotten, today — April 15 — is tax day. But [I hear that a high-ranking federal official will be in town on Friday,][1] so perhaps you could save yourself some postage and just ask him to take it back to D.C. with him. Let me know ...

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