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New Lawrence PAC raises $14K as City Commission election draws near; Farmer top candidate fundraiser at $11K

Chad Lawhorn

The largest fundraiser during the heat of this year’s Lawrence City Commission race wasn’t a candidate. It was the newly formed political action committee Lawrence United. According to new reports filed at the Douglas County clerk’s office, the Lawrence United group raised $14,400 during the key Feb. 15 through March ...

City commission candidates show no signs of wanting to eliminate fluoride from city's water; forum on fluoride set for Wednesday at KU

Chad Lawhorn

Some of you have been asking whether Lawrence is going to have a great fluoride debate. If you remember, City Commissioner Hugh Carter in February caught folks by surprise by asking the city to at least do more research on whether adding fluoride to the city’s drinking water is a ...

City set to go out to bid for $25 million rec center; commissioners asked to OK retail rezoning for area across highway from center

Chad Lawhorn

After a weekend of shoveling snow, perhaps you are looking for a new form of recreation these days. If so, mark your calendars for Tuesday evening to learn the details on the city of Lawrence’s biggest recreation project yet. [As previously reported][1], the city will host an open house to ...

City set to finalize curbside recycling program to begin October 2014; monthly rate $2.81

Chad Lawhorn

Lawrence residents, you have about 18 months to come up with an extra $2.81 per month. Before this Lawrence City Commission gets kicked to the curb with the April 2 election, it wants to make sure it finalizes a plan to create a city-wide, city-run curbside recycling program. Commissioners are ...

3 Spoons Yogurt closes Lawrence store

Chad Lawhorn

Maybe the folks at 3 Spoons Yogurt know something we don’t — that winter is never really going to end. Whatever the case, the frozen yogurt business at 732 Massachusetts Street has closed its doors, and an employee there confirmed to me that the company has no plans to reopen ...

Longtime leader of city's Community Development Block Grant program retiring

Chad Lawhorn

Sometimes the job was about building a single sidewalk in front of someone’s home. Sometimes it was about building an entire neighborhood. Margene Swarts has been the official city guru when it comes to all things related to the city’s participation in the federal Community Development Block Grant and HOME ...

Nursery business files plans to open farmers' market in West Lawrence

Chad Lawhorn

It is spring, which of course means that my crop of crabgrass soon will take off. (That sound you heard was my neighbor who reads this throwing her computer across the kitchen.) But maybe a different type of crop comes to mind for you with the changing of the season. ...

Member of Lawrence Public Library's management team leaving to take top library post in Chapel Hill

Chad Lawhorn

There is a checkout of note at the Lawrence Public Library. Susan Brown, the marketing director of the Lawrence Public Library, soon will be leaving to become the library director for the city of Chapel Hill, N.C. [According to the Web site of the city of Chapel Hill][1] (which, by ...

Douglas County ranks in top 10 healthiest counties in the state, according to new national study

Chad Lawhorn

I am so glad I didn’t follow through on my original plans for lunch yesterday: A bourbon, a bag of Doritos and a gallon of ice cream. Forget about ruining my health. I could have ruined Douglas County’s reputation. A new study out today shows Douglas County is indeed one ...

Business-oriented political action committee gets big donations, endorses Chestnut, Farmer, Riordan in City Commission race

Chad Lawhorn

The finish line is in sight, and it seems as if the race for the Lawrence City Commission is about to kick into another gear. Last weekend, Lawrence residents saw a pretty clear sign that the competition is about to heat up: Campaign spending by a new pro-business political action ...

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