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Take a look at the building that East Lawrence residents hope to save from wrecking ball

Chad Lawhorn

Out in rural Kansas, where I am from, there have been some historic moments in Quonset huts that dot the farm landscape. Some of them perhaps have involved a Saturday night, a red Solo cup, a tractor, and an unfortunate article in the weekly newspaper. Well, Quonset huts — those ...

Delaware tribal elections may change discussion on Lawrence property; city wins $15k school route grant; car dealers express concern over City Hall vehicle lease

Chad Lawhorn

Lawrence’s police headquarters plan isn’t the only project that has been complicated by recent election results. The Delaware Tribe of Indians held its elections last weekend, and now there is reason to question whether the tribe will be as aggressive in pursuing its plans to move to Lawrence. So, what ...

Downtown Lawrence retailer of 67 years to close its doors; city makes recommendation on team of artists and engineers to design Ninth Street project

Chad Lawhorn

It has been well established that there is no crying in baseball. But there may be a few moist eyes in coming weeks inside a Lawrence institution that has sold many a bat, glove, ball and other athletic items to area residents. Francis Sporting Goods is closing its downtown store ...

Emprise Bank to sell its south Iowa branch, talk of larger redevelopment ensues; Schumm floats idea of $250K challenge grant to bring super-fast Internet to Lawrence

Chad Lawhorn

A movement is afoot along south Iowa Street, and it involves more than the normal logistics of semi-trailers to accommodate my wife’s post-Halloween shopping. Instead, a development group has reached a deal to purchase another key south Iowa Street property, seemingly with redevelopment on its mind. Officials with Emprise Bank ...

Closing of longtime downtown office supply store may spark changes in 600 block of Mass.; update on construction at Peterson and Monterey

Chad Lawhorn

This may be the biggest news in the Lawrence office supply world since my unfortunate incident involving a “chain” of paper clips, our office mezzanine, and multiple additions to our employee handbook involving the words “prohibited” and “Tarzan.” Lawrence-based M&M Office Supply has closed its doors and transferred its customer ...

Two retail projects drive construction totals to new high in 2014; another good report on Lawrence job numbers

Chad Lawhorn

A little more than $9 million is being added to the Lawrence economy as we speak, and that is not even counting the spending my wife is doing on the post-Halloween candy that is on sale. Instead, I’m talking about two new retail construction projects underway in the city. Construction ...

News on Buffalo Wild Wings opening date on south Iowa, closing date in downtown; Lawrence gets a peek at how other cities maintain sidewalks

Chad Lawhorn

Last night at a Lied Center Halloween costume contest, one of the winners was dressed like a piece of sushi. That costume would be safe at my doorstep, unless I was in the mood to fish. But as a court file somewhere can attest, a chicken wing ringing my doorbell ...

Group studying multimillion-dollar Lawrence retirement cooperative; large East Lawrence site to hit development market; 14 million Douglas County trees

Chad Lawhorn

There’s a new group in Lawrence promoting the benefits of retiring at a co-op. It took me a moment to wrap my head around the idea. Why would I want to retire at a grain elevator? Those, after all, are some of the larger examples of cooperatives in the area. ...

Downtown shop of 30 years changes name, look; campaign contributors to police vote likely won't be known before election

Chad Lawhorn

There are still Lawrence residents who remember when the downtown shop Britches was the place to go to get a fancy pair of $300 jeans. (I remember. That might have been when I started using a morphine drip to help open the credit card statements.) But those types of prices ...

Sponsor found for downtown Christmas parade; city plans for Winter Wonder Weekend; downtown shops to again hand out Halloween candy; construction set for industrial park

Chad Lawhorn

I don’t know about you, but my idea of a Winter Wonder Weekend in Lawrence would be Bill Self making me a steaming hot batch of biscuits and gravy, Big Jay and Little Jay shoveling my driveway and a new 12-volt battery for my heated long johns. I’m not sure ...

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