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Day after city's bid opening for recreation center, relief and a few questions

Chad Lawhorn

Sometimes you don’t understand why good things happen. That’s the approach Lawrence city commissioners generally were taking the day after bids to build the city’s recreation center came in about $10 million below what city officials had estimated. “My first thought was ‘this is awesome,’” City Commissioner Jeremy Farmer said ...

City recreation leaders not in favor of lighted tennis court plan near Lawrence High

Chad Lawhorn

All we need now is John McEnroe, or absent that, somebody in white 1980s-style tennis shorts with an excitable personality. Yes, we’re talking about the looming tennis court debate that will be coming to Lawrence City Hall. [As we reported last week][1], city commissioners have decided to reopen the issue ...

Planning Commission to debate Menards project Monday amid signs momentum may be turning

Chad Lawhorn

Strap on your tool belt, it is time to talk again about Menards’ proposal to build a big box store just east of Home Depot near 31st and Iowa streets. The Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission will debate the project again at its Monday evening meeting. The Planning Commission debated it ...

Two convenience stores coming to downtown Lawrence

Chad Lawhorn

Here’s a tip for you: Make sure your stock portfolio includes plenty of exposure to cheap snack food and elastic waist bands. I may be providing a serious boost to both products. There are at least two efforts underway to bring a full-fledged convenience store — minus the gasoline — ...

Lawrence retail spending off to strong start in 2013; up 3.1 percent for the year

Chad Lawhorn

Here I thought I was the only one who visited my banker around Valentine’s Day. I’ve found that a home equity loan is useful when you’re trying to buy a year’s worth of forgiveness. But apparently I’m not alone because a new report from City Hall shows retail spending spiked ...

Knology changes its name to WOW!; lifts usage caps on Internet service

Chad Lawhorn

The changes keep on coming in the Lawrence Internet market. The largest Internet service provider in Lawrence has just announced that it is removing all of its usage caps from its Internet service packages, as the company changes its name from Knology to WOW! That means customers no longer will ...

City estimates it may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to keep concealed weapons out of city buildings

Chad Lawhorn

It appears the city soon will have to buy hundreds thousands of dollars worth of security measures. Either that, or the city will have to learn to live with a new state law that would allow concealed-carry permit holders to bring firearms into City Hall and other city buildings. City ...

Wicked Broadband project seeks $500,000 city grant; downtown hotel project seeks adjustment to incentives package; historical society seeks $20k for new exhibit

Chad Lawhorn

Reading the agenda for Tuesday night’s Lawrence City Commission meeting is kind of like reading my household’s credit card bill: There are plenty of questions, and all the answers seem to have dollar signs. There are three outside organizations requesting financial assistance from the city, with two of them each ...

Douglas County oil production up 12 percent in 2012; outpaces statewide growth

Chad Lawhorn

Maybe I’ve been prospecting for oil wrong all these years. You remember how [Jed Clampett on the Beverly Hillbillies][1] struck it rich when he was out shooting at some food, and up from the ground came some “bubbling crude” (or “Texas tea,” that is)? I just figured that was the ...

Lawrence restaurant updates: La Parilla's new location, plans for a Sandbar Sub shop and 60 years for Johnny's Tavern

Chad Lawhorn

Downtown Lawrence’s restaurant scene is heating up. Here’s a look at a few updates: • La Parilla has moved into its [new location][1] at 724 Massachusetts Street, which formerly was the home of Tapas. Co-owner Subarna Bhattachan told me recently that the new space gives the Mexican/Latin American restaurant about ...

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