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Late-night convenience store delivery service begins operations in student neighborhoods

Chad Lawhorn

There are times that you just don't have the energy to go get an energy drink at three o'clock in the morning. I assume you all have been there. Well, now you can avoid those awkward trips into a convenience store while dressed in your Hulk Hogan pajama bottoms and ...

Home sales and home prices both continue to rise in Lawrence

Chad Lawhorn

Lawrence's real estate market seems to be returning to its past form, which may mean another annual tradition will return: Notices from the Douglas County appraiser's office that your home's tax value has increased. The latest numbers from the Lawrence Board of Realtors show July was another strong month for ...

City to consider banning couches on porches

Chad Lawhorn

Here's some breaking news about some oftentimes broken pieces of furniture: City officials are looking to ban couches on porches in Lawrence neighborhoods. I know it may sound simple enough to some, but the issue may soon open up a can of worms — which by the way, have been ...

Menards files plans to add another 8 acres to development near 31st and Iowa

Chad Lawhorn

The same "architect" who "designs" my home "improvement" projects must be in charge of the new Menards project near 31st and Iowa streets. The project is growing before it even gets started. But unlike the addition of a knitting cabinet in my game room, this addition was expected. Menards officials ...

Missouri Tiger bar plans to celebrate anniversary of Quantrill's Raid

Chad Lawhorn

Honestly, I'm not interested in giving this event any more attention than it deserves, but sometimes in this job you have to write things for the historical record. So, let the record show there certainly were some dumb Missouri fans in 2013. Perhaps you have heard that the owners of ...

Group pushes again for city policy on drone use

Chad Lawhorn

The drones aren't yet multiplying in Lawrence, but the people who are against them appear to be. [If you remember back in May][1], a group of about a dozen residents went to City Hall asking for a city policy limiting the use of drones in city airspace. Now, a handful ...

Wicked's fast-broadband project moving slower than expected

Chad Lawhorn

Perhaps the community is learning what I've learned on many a white-knuckled trips from the passenger's seat of my wife's Ford Taurus: Speed isn't all it's cracked up to be. An effort by a local company to bring super-fast Internet service to Lawrence hasn't yet taken off. Kris Adair, president ...

Builders pull permits for nearly $40 million worth of projects in July

Chad Lawhorn

Fireworks, apparently, weren't the only things exploding in July. A new report out of Lawrence City Hall shows construction activity in the city was booming, too. City officials issued building permits for a whopping $39.7 million worth of projects in July, the highest monthly total in at least three years. ...

Updates on new cookie shop downtown and new ownership for SpringHill Suites

Chad Lawhorn

Excuse me while I make my way through these piles of spent party streamers, empty firework tubes and the rows of cannons from the 21-gun salute. (I assume you held a similar impromptu celebration as your kids walked out the door for the first day of school.) Well, now I ...

Owners of pre-eminent K-State bookstore buy The Jayhawk Bookstore

Chad Lawhorn

If that new crimson and blue Jayhawk shirt bleeds just a little bit of purple on you, you'll know why. The ownership group of [Varney's][1] — the self-proclaimed world's largest retailer of Kansas State merchandise — has purchased the Jayhawk Bookstore at 1420 Crescent Road. But the store's new owners ...

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