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Old BP gas station near Ninth and Iowa to become Sandbar sub shop; 2006 gas leak may be creating new concerns

Chad Lawhorn

The dry cleaner who launders my ties is probably out shopping for a new sports car today. Soon there will be another drive-thru restaurant where I can get biscuits and gravy, and anyone who has seen me try to safely drive the F-150, eat biscuits and gravy, and keep my ...

Specialty butcher shop files plans to open at 19th and Massachusetts

Chad Lawhorn

Get ready for some charcuterie. I hear they're real good on the grill. My Louisiana cousin, Tex (geography is not his strong suit) and I are set to go hunt some down by the river. What's that? I don't know what charcuterie is? Well, that may be, but I'm learning, ...

Development group seeking to create major retail area south of South Lawrence Trafficway

Chad Lawhorn

My credit card isn't the only thing warm on South Iowa Street these days. (Halloween candy on credit: That's a good financial strategy, isn't it?) The commercial real estate market is heating up on Lawrence's major commercial corridor as well. The Menards project in the former Gaslight Mobile Home Village ...

Compton confirms deal to redevelop Allen Press property at 11th and Mass.; Lawrence home sales fall in September

Chad Lawhorn

One of downtown Lawrence's more prominent corners may be set to change. Doug Compton this morning confirmed that he's reached a tentative agreement to develop the old Allen Press property at 11th and Massachusetts streets with a multistory apartment and retail building. The talk confirms speculation that has been running ...

Details emerge on why state rejected proposed Clinton Lake resort; update on Eagle Bend golf course

Chad Lawhorn

I don't know about you, but relaxing at a lakeside resort sounds like a pretty good idea today. A resort along Clinton Lake, however, may require me to get out my special thermal, full-length swimming trunks on this crisp day. No reason to get your hopes up on that front ...

Commissioner floats idea of City Commission meetings including comments from Twitter users

Chad Lawhorn

*#LawrenceCityCommission. #LongMeeting. #OMGthey'restilltalking.*** No the # sign isn't me trying to bait you into playing some tic-tac-toe. It is, of course, the symbol for a hashtag on Twitter. And the three listed above are my early guesses at popular hashtags, if Lawrence city commissioners follow through on an idea to ...

Plans filed for new assisted living facility in northwest Lawrence; City Hall still interested in buying streetlight system

Chad Lawhorn

Being the university community that it is, Lawrence is used to receiving a new senior class each year. But the idea of a senior class in Lawrence is starting to take on a new meaning. With this class, there are probably fewer keg stands, but I bet there are still ...

Warren-McElwain Mortuary sold to new owner; Eudora ranked in family-friendly survey; properties to be added to local historic register

Chad Lawhorn

The certainty of death and taxes never changes, but the owners of funeral homes do, even for those that have more than a 100-year history in the community. Longtime funeral director Larry McElwain confirmed to me that he's finalized a deal to sell Warren-McElwain Mortuary to a veteran funeral home ...

Lawrence single-family home construction up 35 percent from year ago totals

Chad Lawhorn

For Lawrence homebuilders, the rest of 2013 is gravy, or the icing on the cake, or the cherry on top, or . . . (No, I've got to quit before I eat my keyboard.) The point is, with three months left in the year, Lawrence homebuilders already had built essentially ...

Gun/tactical supply store opening in West Lawrence, city to consider buying street light system, request to close portion of N.H. street until March

Chad Lawhorn

Yes, I conduct tactical maneuvers from time to time. They primarily involve late-night, covert raids on my home's thermostat. It is the only way to combat my wife's iron fist policy that the heater doesn't come on until ice cubes come out of the faucet. But others conduct more serious ...

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