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Vacant Sears building sold; plans at City Hall suggest Dick's Sporting Goods on the way

Chad Lawhorn

It is sure beginning to look like Dick's Sporting Goods is headed for the vacant Sears building on South Iowa Street. In recent days, the building at 2727 Iowa St. has sold and a building permit has been filed at City Hall that contains clues that suggest Dick's Sporting Goods ...

Soybean research facility plans expansion in North Lawrence

Chad Lawhorn

There's more than soybeans growing in the area around North Lawrence these days. There's a handful of construction projects as well, but at least one of them is attributable to soybeans. Officials with DuPont Pioneer Seed have filed plans with the Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Department to build a 9,600-square-foot addition ...

New audio retailer, installation shop opens on West Sixth Street

Chad Lawhorn

There was a day when we all used to be sound engineers. I don't know what your sound innovations were when you were growing up, but mine consisted of trying to get my pickup truck's Walmart purchased stereo system to play my treasured AC/DC cassette tape as loud as possible ...

Housing sales, home prices continue to rise in Lawrence

Chad Lawhorn

With eight months of the year in the books, a clear picture is emerging about the city's real estate scene: Lawrence is on its way to a second straight year of a housing rebound, and housing prices are beginning to make up for lost time. The Lawrence Board of Realtors ...

Boutique bike-oriented fitness studio slated to open in West Lawrence

Chad Lawhorn

Talk about your different type of biker bar. You may want to leave your leather pants at home. (Unless this new establishment has an awful lot of baby powder to deal with the chaffing.) RydeBarre is set to open in West Lawrence early next month, and it will feature plenty ...

Zarco stations begin selling E-15 product again after ending 28-year relationship with Phillips 66

Chad Lawhorn

For an hour today, you'll get to be a part of a fight, and you'll get a discount to do it. The Lawrence-based Zarco convenience store chain is offering $1.99 gasoline from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at its location at 1500 E. 23rd Street. . But here's the catch: ...

Dillons completes renovations at Sixth and Lawrence store; Wal-Mart begins work at South Iowa location

Chad Lawhorn

Surely this age we're living in will go down in the history books as . . . The Gilded Grocery Era. I will tell my grandkids how there used to be a day when you couldn't go into a grocery store and get fresh ground peanut butter, and they will ...

Longtime East Lawrence business Miracle Video closing

Chad Lawhorn

Soon, the corner of 19th and Haskell won't be quite so miraculous. The owner of the longtime East Lawrence fixture Miracle Video has announced the store will close by the end of the year. "It is just the changing nature of distribution," said owner Don Jochems. "There is so much ...

Drug development firm taps North Lawrence space for headquarters

Chad Lawhorn

North Kansas City has employment giant Cerner Corp. Maybe in another decade, we'll be talking about how North Lawrence has employment giant CritiTech. No pressure there for the leaders at CritiTech, but the KU-grown biotechnology company has announced that it has moved its headquarters and main laboratory space to North ...

More questions about World Trade Center artifact slated for Lawrence; A&E's 'Shipping Wars' plans to be in Douglas County

Chad Lawhorn

A 10,000 pound piece of the fallen World Trade Center sure seems to have a lot of baggage with it. If you remember, [last month we reported on an effort][1] by a Lawrence-based nonprofit to place the 9/11 artifact at the Lawrence Visitors Center. Well, I thought I would update ...

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