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City to consider using gated, pay-as-you-leave system for new downtown parking garage

Chad Lawhorn

It is a popular game with a certain someone in my household: Where is the downtown parking meter patrol officer? I suspect you know how the game is played: Park in one of the many metered parking spaces in downtown or the free two-hour lots, and then start calculating when ...

State seeking proposal to develop resort at Clinton Lake State Park

Chad Lawhorn

The idea of a destination-style resort at Clinton Lake — an old proposal that resurfaced late last year — is becoming more serious. Officials with the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism are seeking proposals, due next month, to develop a 175-room hotel with a conference center and various ...

City commissioners now will consider 700 block of Vermont as home for downtown transit hub

Chad Lawhorn

Buses, builders and bulldozers, oh my. It is not the latest elaborate act for Lawrence’s Busker Fest. Instead, it may be the newest solution to finding a location to temporarily house downtown Lawrence’s public transit hub. Commissioners at their meeting tonight will consider a new option for the transfer point: ...

Bedbugs on the radar screen of city officials; new ordinance would allow City Hall to create rules to exterminate pests

Chad Lawhorn

And here you thought property maintenance just meant keeping the grass mowed, the house painted, the roof shingled, and other such matters. Well, add one more item to the chore list: Controlling bedbugs. City commissioners at their meeting on Tuesday are scheduled to approve a new ordinance that will get ...

New bridal shop opens along South Iowa Street

Chad Lawhorn

Area bridegrooms have it easy these days. It used to be that planning a wedding involved so much running around that you would ruin a perfectly good set of radials. (As I’ve explained many times, that’s why I bought her a new set of Goodyears for our first anniversary.) But ...

City manager forecasting increase in city's general fund property tax rate for 2014 budget

Chad Lawhorn

If City Manager David Corliss has his way, property tax bills in Lawrence may go up just a bit in 2014. Corliss is in the process of preparing his recommended 2014 city budget, but he has provided city commissioners a peek at one of the bottomline numbers. Corliss is forecasting ...

Discovery Furniture launches major expansion in Topeka, but move won't affect Lawrence location

Chad Lawhorn

As my wife sometimes tells our kids — and often tells me — we’re going to nip this in the bud. (We start taking her seriously when she says it with actual nippers in her hand.) Discovery Furniture has announced a major moving and expansion project for its Topeka store, ...

Local radio executive launches Lawrence Internet radio station that plays '70s, '80s, '90s pop hits

Chad Lawhorn

Maybe it's time for me to bring back the mullet, and for my wife to break out the legwarmers. We’ll once again have the soundtrack to fit our ultra-cool look. A local radio executive has launched a Lawrence-based Internet radio station that plays pop hits from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ...

Lawrence-based Dobski & Associates to tear down, rebuild De Soto McDonald's

Chad Lawhorn

This is fair warning to all you K-10 commuters who may stop at the McDonald’s in De Soto to get your morning caffeine fix: By Thursday morning, the restaurant will be rubble. (Perhaps like you without caffeine.) Lawrence-based Dobski & Associates, the owner of the area McDonald’s franchise, has confirmed ...

Lawrence gas station owner gets caught up in national battle with Big Oil over future of ethanol

Chad Lawhorn

Being a pioneer in a new industry can be a bit like taking a ride in my old F150: It can get mighty bumpy, and you’re wishing you would have known beforehand that the brakes sometimes don’t work. Scott Zaremba, owner of the Lawrence-based Zarco 66 gasoline and convenience store ...

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