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Lawrence no longer second-worst performing small city, new report concludes; rental registration supporter accuses landlord of 'dirty politics'

Chad Lawhorn

It is not exactly the type of thing you put on a banner, but Lawrence is no longer the second-worst performing small city in America. We're now a middle-of-the-pack community. If you remember, [we previously reported][1] on a report by the Milken Institute that found Lawrence ranked 178 out of ...

Boulevard Brewing Co. part of new restaurant at Lawrence Holiday Inn

Chad Lawhorn

Lawrence is many different types of towns. We're a university town. We're a basketball town. And as a quick peek into any of those glass recycling Dumpsters around the city can attest, we're also a beer town. The folks at Kansas City-based Boulevard Brewing Co. are hoping to capitalize on ...

Rock Chalk Park recreation center books about $70k worth of event rentals

Chad Lawhorn

On a cold day like today, thoughts of a little beach volleyball help keep me warm. Thoughts of volleyball — sans sand — also apparently are warming the hearts of leaders of the city's new Rock Chalk Park Recreation Center. City officials have begun accepting reservations for the 181,000-square-foot center ...

Pair of shopping centers sell on South Iowa as retail momentum picks up; city trash crews to do curbside collection of toys, food on Monday

Chad Lawhorn

In my household, I've found that it is a good idea to get the disappointment out of the way early. That's why I have my wife open my Christmas gift to her first. (Who knew that tennis and bracelet weren't the most important words in the phrase "diamond tennis bracelet.) ...

Expect new twist for parking situation at Saturday's Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade; new truck dealership open on 23rd Street

Chad Lawhorn

If you are looking for a parking space in downtown Lawrence on Saturday, I hope it is for a horse. The annual Downtown Lawrence Old-Fashioned Christmas parade is set for 11 a.m. Saturday, and as you know, it is an all horse-drawn parade. (No, kids, that's not candy in the ...

Commissioners to consider plans for new multifamily development along O'Connell Road

Chad Lawhorn

Here's a chance to play with the crayons in your desk drawer. Take out your Brick Red (or, heck, even your Razzmatazz or Razzle Dazzle Rose) and circle all the Lawrence neighborhoods that will have easy access to Johnson County, Topeka and the South Iowa Street shopping district once the ...

Southern fried chicken restaurant coming to West Lawrence; an overview of city's proposed rental licensing program

Chad Lawhorn

It is time for me to restock the supply of wet wipes in the F-150's glove box. A new fried chicken place — with a drive-thru — is coming to west Lawrence. The spot inside the Miller Mart gas station at 3300 W. Sixth St. is ready for its latest ...

Bum Steer BBQ opens at 19th and Haskell; thrift store opens in East Lawrence

Chad Lawhorn

Move over turkey. It is time to grab our trusty forks, knives, bibs and wet wipes to tackle another animal. Plus, this one has the bonus of being familiar to longtime Lawrence residents. I'm talking about a Bum Steer. That's right, a restaurant with the name Bum Steer BBQ Cafe ...

Large conglomerate purchases Kinedyne and its Lawrence plant in East Hills

Chad Lawhorn

This is the time of year where I'm in the market for a good, heavy-duty cargo strap. After all, I have to do something to secure my full plate of turkey and stuffing as I move it from the kitchen to the couch. Perhaps you didn't know it, but the ...

Berry Plastics to close five plants across the country; Lawrence plant not yet named

Chad Lawhorn

It's time to start keeping an eye on one of Douglas County's larger employers. A leading trade publication is reporting that Berry Plastics has made a decision to close five plants and make a $100 million investment in another one. Thus far, Berry's operations in Douglas County aren't on either ...

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