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Bum Steer BBQ opens at 19th and Haskell; thrift store opens in East Lawrence

Chad Lawhorn

Move over turkey. It is time to grab our trusty forks, knives, bibs and wet wipes to tackle another animal. Plus, this one has the bonus of being familiar to longtime Lawrence residents. I'm talking about a Bum Steer. That's right, a restaurant with the name Bum Steer BBQ Cafe ...

Large conglomerate purchases Kinedyne and its Lawrence plant in East Hills

Chad Lawhorn

This is the time of year where I'm in the market for a good, heavy-duty cargo strap. After all, I have to do something to secure my full plate of turkey and stuffing as I move it from the kitchen to the couch. Perhaps you didn't know it, but the ...

Berry Plastics to close five plants across the country; Lawrence plant not yet named

Chad Lawhorn

It's time to start keeping an eye on one of Douglas County's larger employers. A leading trade publication is reporting that Berry Plastics has made a decision to close five plants and make a $100 million investment in another one. Thus far, Berry's operations in Douglas County aren't on either ...

City to approve wetlands project; falcons soon will call Lawrence home

Chad Lawhorn

Construction work really is underway on the South Lawrence Trafficway project, but building roads isn't the only thing that will be going on near 31st and Haskell. Crews also will be building wetlands. If you have followed the South Lawrence Trafficway project, you know that the Kansas Department of Transportation ...

Pirate-themed store opens in downtown Lawrence

Chad Lawhorn

Shiver me timbers, matey. My credit card soon may be under attack. Downtown Lawrence is now home to its first — at least as far as I know — pirate-themed store. The jewelry and gift store Treasure Chest has opened at 1109 Massachusetts St., across from the Douglas County Courthouse. ...

New battery store slated for west Lawrence; city provides report on snow preparations; Mother Earth News Fair seeks to return to city

Chad Lawhorn

I'm sure you've already experienced this, but basketball season is rough on batteries. There are the batteries for the TV remote, there are the batteries for the electronic beer delivery device, there are the batteries for the portable nacho cheese warmer, and don't even get me started about the batteries ...

Former Lawrence Mayor Boog Highberger planning to run for Statehouse seat; 650 collegiate runners to be in city this weekend

Chad Lawhorn

It looks like Boog will be back. Those of you who have followed Lawrence politics know who I'm talking about. Dennis "Boog" Highberger is a former Lawrence city commissioner and mayor, and now it appears likely that he'll make a run to become a state legislator. Highberger told me last ...

Lawrence home sales for October strong

Chad Lawhorn

After showing signs of cooling off in September, Lawrence's residential real estate market heated right back up again in October. October homes sales in Lawrence rose by 17 percent compared with the same time period of a year ago. Home sales in Lawrence have increased for nine of the 10 ...

Signs indicate that Obamacare may be creating several hundred new jobs for Lawrence call center

Chad Lawhorn

The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, has gotten so much positive press lately, I can understand why the government may not have taken the time to highlight the good news the act has created here in Lawrence. I'm obviously being facetious about the positive press that has come Obamacare's way ...

Retail spending totals in the city fall during October, but still up slightly for 2013

Chad Lawhorn

The up and down trend of retail spending in Lawrence is continuing. The latest sales tax report out of Lawrence City Hall shows retail spending for the period of mid-August to mid-September, about the time students returned to campus, was down about 1.6 percent compared to the same period a ...

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