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Tenants to Homeowners files plans for independent, senior living project in south Lawrence

Chad Lawhorn

If Lawrence really wants to become a destination for retirees, Rebecca Buford, executive director of Lawrence's Tenants to Homeowners, believes there is an issue community leaders might want to think about: an affordable place for retirees to live. "If we really want seniors to come live here, we should think ...

City to consider limiting dogs in public cemeteries

Chad Lawhorn

I bet they didn't go over this in public administration school: Controlling dog poo in public cemeteries. But if you hang around Lawrence City Hall long enough, you will find that almost any subject can come up at any time. At tonight's meeting, it will be dog poo in public ...

Retail sales in city starting to slip, latest report finds

Chad Lawhorn

If you haven't gotten your annual roller coaster ride in yet, don't worry. You can always spend a little time with the city of Lawrence's retail sales numbers. They've been up and down and up and down. The city has received its latest sales tax check, representing sales made roughly ...

CVS at 23rd and Iowa completes $130k renovation to add walk-in health clinic

Chad Lawhorn

There's a new health trend coming to Lawrence, and I'm not talking about the popular vacuum/dust/clean-the-toilets workout that I've begun recently. (What? That's not a trend? My wife promised me she saw it on Dr. Oz.) The CVS Pharmacy at 23rd and Iowa streets has just completed a $130,000 renovation ...

Former East Lawrence scrap yard may become unique housing development

Chad Lawhorn

Forget junky and start thinking funky at the corner of 12th and Haskell in East Lawrence. Plans have been filed at City Hall to convert the former site of the 12th and Haskell Recycling Center and longtime scrap yard into a small scale housing development that would be designed by ...

Proposed West Lawrence commercial development wins Planning Commission approval

Chad Lawhorn

Plans for a significant new West Lawrence shopping area have cleared their first hurdle. Lawrence-Douglas County Planning commissioners on Monday night unanimously approved the rezoning and preliminary plat for the Langston Commons project, which is slated for the northeast corner of where the South Lawrence Trafficway intersects with Bob Billings ...

Downtown Lawrence call center gives details on plans to hire nearly 200

Chad Lawhorn

[As we briefly reported Friday][1], there are more than 100 new jobs coming to a Lawrence call center. Well, now we have a few more details about the expansion at The Results Companies. The company, [which about a year ago took over the space previously occupied by Affinitas][2] on the ...

Proposal: $6 million rural water plant near Lawrence

Chad Lawhorn

Plans for a $6 million water plant near Lawrence are taking another big step forward, but no, it is not a sign that my wife actually has talked me into watering my lawn. Instead, work is progressing on the area's newest public wholesale water supply district. [As we previously reported][1], ...

Late-night convenience store delivery service begins operations in student neighborhoods

Chad Lawhorn

There are times that you just don't have the energy to go get an energy drink at three o'clock in the morning. I assume you all have been there. Well, now you can avoid those awkward trips into a convenience store while dressed in your Hulk Hogan pajama bottoms and ...

Home sales and home prices both continue to rise in Lawrence

Chad Lawhorn

Lawrence's real estate market seems to be returning to its past form, which may mean another annual tradition will return: Notices from the Douglas County appraiser's office that your home's tax value has increased. The latest numbers from the Lawrence Board of Realtors show July was another strong month for ...

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