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Warren-McElwain Mortuary sold to new owner; Eudora ranked in family-friendly survey; properties to be added to local historic register

Chad Lawhorn

The certainty of death and taxes never changes, but the owners of funeral homes do, even for those that have more than a 100-year history in the community. Longtime funeral director Larry McElwain confirmed to me that he's finalized a deal to sell Warren-McElwain Mortuary to a veteran funeral home ...

Lawrence single-family home construction up 35 percent from year ago totals

Chad Lawhorn

For Lawrence homebuilders, the rest of 2013 is gravy, or the icing on the cake, or the cherry on top, or . . . (No, I've got to quit before I eat my keyboard.) The point is, with three months left in the year, Lawrence homebuilders already had built essentially ...

Gun/tactical supply store opening in West Lawrence, city to consider buying street light system, request to close portion of N.H. street until March

Chad Lawhorn

Yes, I conduct tactical maneuvers from time to time. They primarily involve late-night, covert raids on my home's thermostat. It is the only way to combat my wife's iron fist policy that the heater doesn't come on until ice cubes come out of the faucet. But others conduct more serious ...

City and KU bus hub may move to 21st and Iowa area

Chad Lawhorn

Folks in certain Lawrence real estate circles have been keeping their eyes on the vacant property just south of Fire Station No. 5 near 19th and Iowa streets. Well, it probably is a good piece to keep an eye on, but perhaps not for the reasons many people have been ...

North Lawrence's Advantage Metals Recycling set to open next week at Teepee Junction

Chad Lawhorn

A big building to store a lot of junk: It is enough to make me drool. It also is the newest business in North Lawrence. As we have reported several times over the last year, Kansas City, Mo.-based Advantage Metals Recycling is redeveloping the old Kaw Motors salvage yard at ...

Retail sales in the city up 3 percent for the year; SLT opponents organizing "occupation" event at the wetlands

Chad Lawhorn

There must have been a lot of families with back-to-school shopping lists this season much like mine: pencils, erasers, notebooks, diamond earrings. (What's that? I was told it is a necessity that mothers looks stylish at PTO meetings.) Regardless, the latest sales tax report from Lawrence City Hall shows that ...

Update on Sixth and Iowa turn-lane project, plus rumblings of a new chicken wing franchise

Chad Lawhorn

As work begins to wrap up on the major rebuilding of Iowa Street, I know you are going to miss the traffic delays that come with the project. Well, don't fret. Come next spring a portion of Iowa Street will be back in the giving mood, and this time it ...

South Lawrence Trafficway update, plus bicyclers and falcons in the city

Chad Lawhorn

It just sounded like something that would happen to the South Lawrence Trafficway. After about two decades of delay and litigation, the bypass project finally has all the necessary permits and funding to begin construction. Then . . . the federal government shuts down. I was curious about whether the ...

Johnny Brusco's New York style pizza chain headed to Sixth and Wakarusa

Chad Lawhorn

Outta my way. I gotta catch the subway to Sixth and Wakarusa. What's that? Me fuhgeddaboudit? You fuhgeddaboudit. There has to be a subway to Sixth and Wakarusa. It's the capital of New York-style pizza. The West Lawrence intersection already is home to two establishments that make New York-style pizza ...

New pastry shop and bakery opens near Sixth and Wakarusa in West Lawrence

Chad Lawhorn

There is hope for me yet. A new shop at Sixth and Wakarusa streets is proving that a year's worth of being yelled at and having things thrown at you can result in good things. Mark Gregory, the former head baker at The Merc, has opened Scratch Bakery at 4821 ...

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