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Plans filed for new upscale condo development in West Lawrence

Chad Lawhorn

The idea of condo living in West Lawrence already has made a good comeback, and now developers are poised to test whether it can make an even bigger one. Plans have been filed at Lawrence City Hall for a new 22-unit, upscale condo development to be built on the vacant ...

City may leave downtown Christmas lights up until Valentine's Day; update on Rock Chalk Park construction

Chad Lawhorn

Next year, I'm going to have the folks at the Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department write a note for me. I need something to convince my wife that my reluctance to put away the Christmas lights isn't laziness. Well, now the parks and recreation department is proving that I simply ...

More than $30 million in public projects push local construction industry to banner year in 2013; Mass. Street gets recognized by Country Living magazine

Chad Lawhorn

The idea of a new federal stimulus program got nowhere in 2013 in Washington, D.C., but the concept was alive and well when it came to the Lawrence construction scene. At least that's one way to read the year-end numbers for the city's building industry. The city's construction industry had ...

Daylight Donuts shop opens near Ninth and Iowa streets

Chad Lawhorn

If you have been in Lawrence long enough, chances are you have a memory of the old Jennings Daylight Donuts in downtown Lawrence. Mine was how it saved me from a Paradise Cafe omelet that had salmon and spinach and probably other things green in it. (If I want green ...

Bullwhip, glass-walking school to open in North Lawrence; city to sign settlement to end airport sewer project

Chad Lawhorn

My wife hasn't necessarily suggested I go join the circus, but she has mentioned something about shooting me out of a cannon. Well, no promises that you'll learn the cannon trick, but a new North Lawrence business is planning on teaching people the life of a circus performer. [The Last ...

Firehouse Subs set to open in late January near 31st and Iowa; city set to spend nearly $1 million for new trash truck facility

Chad Lawhorn

If you are like me and you enjoy using phrases like "hook and ladder," "lug that hose," and "let's slide down the pole," you won't have to wait long until there's a Lawrence restaurant where you can impart such gems of wisdom. As we briefly mentioned earlier this week, Lawrence ...

Hostel and banquet hall proposed for site near North Lawrence; updates on Menards and other commercial real estate sales

Chad Lawhorn

A little bit of Europe may be coming to rural Lawrence. My wife is rooting for a Cadillac-sized chunk of Swiss chocolate. I'm rooting for a meet and greet with the women's Swiss ski team. (Big fan of skiing.) But some of you are rooting for the European idea of ...

Yellow Deli hoping to bring sandwiches and 'fruit of the spirit' to downtown Lawrence

Chad Lawhorn

Maybe some of you have seen the signs advertising a new deli coming to the 600 block of Vermont Street in downtown Lawrence. Maybe some of you even know the backstory. It certainly is an old one — like about 2,000 years old. Plans call for the Yellow Deli to ...

Signs indicate Freebirds Burrito has closed downtown Lawrence location; new plan emerges for affordable housing near 23rd and O'Connell

Chad Lawhorn

The free bird has perhaps decided to fly away. There's a new sign hanging from the window of the Freebirds World Burrito in downtown Lawrence that indicates the restaurant has closed. The sign came to my attention yesterday, and I've been trying to get in touch with the restaurant's spokeswoman ...

South Lawrence warehouse converted to indoor baseball and softball training center

Chad Lawhorn

Ah, I can almost feel the sun's rays now: The crack of the bat, the pop of the catcher's mitt, sunflower seed spittle on my shirt, peanut shells in my shoes. All I need now is a good chance at a foul ball and some needle and thread to reattach ...

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