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Eudora resident featured as a 'Hero Among Us' in People magazine; Lawrence hopes to undertake solar project

Chad Lawhorn

If I ever make it into People magazine, I figure it will be about my keen sense of fashion. (Or perhaps for that unfortunate time I confused Princess Kate and Katy Perry.) Regardless, I'm still waiting, but 87-year old Eudora resident Eugene "Westie" Westerhouse is not. Last year, the Journal-World ...

Lawrence's Free State Brewing Co. to celebrate 25 years; how that boat in your driveway may become a problem

Chad Lawhorn

Do you remember where you were 25 years ago this month? I've already got my shoes off, so I'll do the math for you. That was February of 1989, so perhaps you were still recovering from the party following Kansas University's 1988 National Championship. Or maybe you had already shifted ...

Retail sales for holiday period in Lawrence up 5 percent; an update on rental licensing proposal

Chad Lawhorn

The number of the day is $125 million. No, it only seems like the price of a dozen roses for those of us just now remembering that today is Valentine's Day. Instead, a new state report indicates $125 million is the amount of taxable sales that occurred in Lawrence during ...

City getting serious about a downtown ice rink; update on naming rights at Rock Chalk

Chad Lawhorn

Maybe by the next Winter Olympics I won't have to convert my kitchen floor into an ice rink to participate in the beautiful sport of figure skating. [As we reported in December][1], leaders with Lawrence Parks and Recreation had some interest in a downtown, outdoor ice skating rink. Well, the ...

Fitness center near Ninth and Iowa undertaking major expansion; group working to create a local currency

Chad Lawhorn

I've been trying to tell you this: I'm a trendsetter. I'm ahead of the times. For decades, I've been spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. Now, it is the hot new thing in the world of exercise. If you don't believe me, check out the work that is underway at ...

Duplex and apartment development moving forward at the Kasold Curve; speculation about Google and Lawrence

Chad Lawhorn

For years, the Kasold Curve — that area where 31st Street turns into Kasold Drive — has just been an area where I close my eyes and hang on extra tight when I'm a passenger in my wife's car. Now, it may be an area that's showing Lawrence's renewed appetite ...

Former Lawrence barista to open coffee shop in East Lawrence; an update on battling bedbugs

Chad Lawhorn

I have my best Nostradamus outfit on, and I declare that this will be the Decade of East Lawrence. No, my powers to divine the future haven't suddenly improved. I just know that there is a new coffee shop opening in East Lawrence, and its name will be Decade. (As ...

Downtown fabric shop undertakes $500k renovation

Chad Lawhorn

Downtown Lawrence really is an eclectic place. There are a whole bunch of us that go downtown to tie one on. But there's also a lot of people who go downtown to sew one on. And that second group, it appears, is poised to grow. Work is underway at Sarah's ...

Lawrence physician starts salsa company; update on future traffic changes at Sixth and SLT

Chad Lawhorn

As schools, businesses and governments announce all types of changes to their hours as a result of this snowstorm, I'm voting for this idea: Let's all sit around and eat salsa and go back to work once the snow has melted. I believe I know one new Lawrence company that ...

Buffalo Wild Wings files plans for new restaurant on South Iowa Street; update on city broadband plans

Chad Lawhorn

A nice, spicy chicken wing does sound good today. Heck, on this cold and snowy day, wing sauce in my boots sounds good too. I can't confirm that Buffalo Wild Wings will do that for you, but I can confirm that the restaurant chain has filed plans to build a ...

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