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Westar starts $200,000 solar panel project in Lawrence; commissioners win award for Rock Chalk Park

Chad Lawhorn

There's a $200,000 project underway to install solar panels in Lawrence, and you might be surprised who is behind it — the operator of the large coal-fired power plant just outside of town. Topeka-based Westar Energy is installing 160 solar panels on its maintenance facility and service center at 746 ...

Plans in works for West Lawrence bar that will let patrons create artwork while they drink

Chad Lawhorn

The only question now is whether I become the next Picasso or the next Van Gogh. (My wife says I already remind her of Van Gogh. I only hear about half of what she says.) But surely my art skills are destined to soar because Lawrence soon will have a ...

An update on Menards and other retail and restaurant rumblings

Chad Lawhorn

I have just come to expect that it will happen on every home improvement project: last-minute changes dictated by a higher power. You know, a potpourri station here, a chocolate fountain there, a 30-by-40 walk-in shoe vault around the corner. Those sorts of things. But I didn't know that the ...

Tickets for popular downtown Lawrence beer expo to go on sale today; city to delay vote on rental licensing program

Chad Lawhorn

Topeka may be the capital of the state, but it is becoming clearer each year that Lawrence is the Kansas capital of beer. Sorry Topeka. We're not trading. If you don't believe me, just watch what happens in the next few hours. Today is the day that craft beer lovers ...

Lawrence home sales end 2013 up 17 percent from a year ago; county appraiser provides update on property values

Chad Lawhorn

What a difference two years make. Back in 2011 we all were all locked up in our safe rooms, blowing through our emergency batch of chocolate candies and nervously muttering something about the Great Recession and Ben Bernanke. (We weren't entirely sure of Ben Bernanke's role in all this, but ...

Wood-fired pizza restaurant coming to downtown Lawrence

Chad Lawhorn

There is New York-style pizza. There is Chicago-style pizza. Even St. Louis claims to have its own style of pizza. (Missouri and style? Do they only serve the pizza in front yards and on cinder blocks, just like how they park their cars? Sorry, I keep forgetting that we like ...

Lawrence firm has connection to company on ABC's "Shark Tank" tonight; a guide to Haskell Avenue's pending closure

Chad Lawhorn

My wife used to really encourage me to try out for the ABC television program "Shark Tank" — until she realized there aren't any actual sharks. Regardless, a Lawrence company is going to be watching the program with great interest tonight. Lawrence-based Western International has partnered with a Prairie Village-based ...

Plans filed to open rural business that teaches green living classes; Highberger confirms plans to run for statehouse

Chad Lawhorn

It is a little hard to think about being green on a day like today. Walk outside, and you are more likely to turn blue. But plans are in the works for a new rural Lawrence business that will teach people to be green all year. Local herb expert Tamara ...

Lawrence retail sales grew by about 2 percent in 2013, according to new report

Chad Lawhorn

It appears everybody this year did their pre-Christmas calisthenics. Jumping jacks? No. Jumping the line at the checkout counter? Yes. Push-ups? Forget about it. Pushing your way to the discounted Halloween candy corn? Absolutely. What? How can you not know what I'm talking about? A certain someone in my household ...

$500k grant to Wicked Broadband up for debate at City Hall; tax abatements and Santa Fe Depot project also on tap for discussion

Chad Lawhorn

Get out your favorite pie chart (yum, pie) and your best laser pointer because it is going to be a day of numbers and economic development discussions at Lawrence City Hall. I've doubled-checked and there won't be any actual pie, but here is a look at what's on tap (yum, ...

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