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City wins $1.2 million grant to restore Santa Fe depot

Chad Lawhorn

Forget about the city waiting for its ship to come in. Its train finally has arrived. Lawrence officials have been awarded a federal transportation grant that will pay for 80 percent of the approximate $1.5 million cost to renovate the Santa Fe depot in East Lawrence. The 1950s-era depot at ...

West Lawrence spa to open with new concept that combines hair and beauty, chiropractic and meal programs

Chad Lawhorn

My wife tells me I don’t know anything about spas. Once again this summer, our two kids are raising pigs for the Douglas County Fair, and I tell my wife all the time to come out to the pen with us. It is a great way to get a mud ...

Homeless shelter, nearing capacity, gets more bus passes; city rejects tennis court lights

Chad Lawhorn

Excuse me while I put away my cot here at Lawrence City Hall. City commissioners met from about 3:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday. And with several big topics — the recreation center and the budget — there were a few items of note that my deadline didn’t give ...

City to consider covering domestic partners as part of city's health insurance plan; commissioners now qualify for city coverage, thanks to Obamacare

Chad Lawhorn

Lawrence city commissioners soon will get to weigh in on the issue of domestic partnerships versus traditional marriages. After digging through a few more documents related to the city’s proposed budget, I found a memo detailing changes to the city’s health insurance plan. One recently implemented change and one proposed ...

Lawrence pizza restaurant to donate all sales and tips to Oklahoma City tornado relief effort

Chad Lawhorn

I know there have been lots of folks in Lawrence doing various projects or fundraisers to help the victims of the tornadoes in the Oklahoma City area. Well, here’s another one and this one involves an opportunity to stuff your gut full of pizza and to break out your best ...

Longtime owner of East Lawrence's Sunrise Garden Center places business and property up for sale

Chad Lawhorn

If there is one thing I know about gardening, it is that change is inevitable. For instance, I’ve observed that plants in my yard are green for about a week and then brown for much longer. Well, change is in store for Sunrise Garden Center, the popular nursery and landscaping ...

From animals to art, library to law enforcement, city has long list of funding requests for 2014

Chad Lawhorn

It is not only the season for George Brett tattoos and Royal-blue face paint. (I assume we’re all doing that to celebrate Brett’s recent return the Royals’ bench. Aren’t we???) Oh well, it is also budget season at Lawrence City Hall. And that means city commissioners have a long list ...

Golf course and area winery team up to offer 'Nine and Wine' events; winery plans expansion

Chad Lawhorn

If you're like me, you’ve been known to have a bad taste in your mouth after a few golf outings. (Not to mention wet socks from playing through he pond, and bunker sand in your shorts from . . . well, let’s move on.) An area golf club is trying ...

City Hall report finds firms with tax abatements exceeding expectations

Chad Lawhorn

Perhaps you are like me and are still feeling a few aftereffects of consuming approximately 17 packages of hot dogs and a case of baked beans this Memorial Day weekend. Well, there’s new a report out of City Hall, and although I’m not sure reading it will cure us, it ...

Kansas Supreme Court hands neighbors victory in legal dispute over industrial land near Lecompton interchange

Chad Lawhorn

Well, it is not exactly a Perry Mason moment, but a piece of legal drama surrounding one of the more promising pieces of industrial land in the Lawrence area has ended after nearly five years. The Kansas Supreme Court recently has said it has no interest in hearing a case ...

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