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Four companies express interest in bringing superfast broadband service to city; Wicked has plans to launch cable TV service in Lawrence by June

Chad Lawhorn

And you thought the fight over the remote control during the NCAA Tournament was going to be fierce. Well, it looks like another type of technology battle is brewing at Lawrence City Hall. Four technology companies are interested in undertaking a multimillion-dollar project to bring super-fast Internet service to Lawrence, ...

Roof being installed on city's Rock Chalk Park recreation center, tournament times filling up at the facility

Chad Lawhorn

I know the question that is on all of our minds today: Does a green stain on your tie count as St. Patrick's Day spirit? Oh, that's not the question. You want an update on the city's 181,000-square-foot Rock Chalk Park recreation center. Well, fortunately, I have both stains and ...

Downtown may become home to outdoor fitness center; new central Lawrence trail may open by April

Chad Lawhorn

I understand what is going on here: Downtown motorists are hoping to get a glimpse of me in Spandex. Well, perhaps that is in store because plans are in the works for downtown Lawrence to have what essentially would be an outdoor workout facility. The city has applied for a ...

Leader of Alvamar says speculation of pending sale of club and golf course incorrect; preparations for Final Four begin to show up around town

Chad Lawhorn

When it comes to golf and rumors, I have been involved in several, and I'm proud to say I have never once been convicted of criminal damage to property. (Best golf tip I ever received: Never use a monogrammed golf ball.) So, I thought I should do my part to ...

Renderings show dramatic changes on tap for area across from Memorial Stadium

Chad Lawhorn

You know what they say about a picture: It probably will get you fired if it ends up on Facebook. (Wait, that's not the saying.) Regardless, take a look at these pictures below, and you'll start to get a sense of just how big of a change is proposed for ...

Carlos O'Kelly's closes Lawrence location; city set to put more bite into weed ordinance

Chad Lawhorn

When I was courting my lovely wife, I quickly realized that a dinner at Carlos O'Kelly's Mexican restaurant worked even better than roses for getting out of a jam. In other words, we ate there a lot. The Suiza con Pollo — a brick of cream cheese wrapped in a ...

Proposed ecological observation station may create concerns for airport; city in running for more than $500,000 in arts grant

Chad Lawhorn

Forget global warming. Forget global cooling. Forget all these pending ecological disasters. We've had one happen right here and now. Somehow, an hour of our weekend disappeared, and it created cataclysmic results this morning for my ecosystem: a smashed alarm clock, grumpy kids and a tube of something that certainly ...

Compton makes proposal for downtown mural; KU pulls plug on popular downtown shot put event; a tax rebate for apartment project looming

Chad Lawhorn

A downtown mural, a shot put and possibly a few million dollars in taxpayer-funded incentives: That's either one really strange pre-St. Patrick's Day party, or else it is the current stew of issues brewing at Lawrence City Hall. Indeed, there are several interesting issues slated for the Lawrence City Commission's ...

El Sol Mexican restaurant opens in West Lawrence; update on chamber CEO search

Chad Lawhorn

There is no denying that Lawrence is extremely health conscious. It has long been proven that chips and salsa probably is the healthiest dish you could ever hope to eat. You can eat as much as you want because it is entirely made of vegetables. (They're called CORN chips, people.) ...

All-natural hamburger restaurant to go into former Chutney's space downtown; future of Lawrence RadioShacks uncertain

Chad Lawhorn

You have heard of Wi-Fi. (I know I have. It takes a good part of my morning to get the RadioShack Tandy 1000 hooked up to it.) And perhaps you even have a few brain cells that survived the 1970s and still remember the phrase Hi-Fi. But now there is ...

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