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Large, national barbecue chain to open in West Lawrence

Chad Lawhorn

Tighten up those apron strings, warriors. Get those tongs nice and limber. There’s a barbecue battle brewing in Lawrence, and one of the larger barbecue chains in the country is about to enter it. I’ve gotten confirmation that Dickey’s Barbecue Pit will be opening in West Lawrence in the coming ...

City asked to cut downtown employees a break on parking; talk of a downtown liquor store versus downtown grocery

Chad Lawhorn

At last night’s Lawrence City Commission meeting, I felt like we were pretty close to hearing one of those “back in my days, we walked up hill both ways” type of stories. The subject was downtown parking, and how far downtown employees may have to walk to find a free ...

Dance Gallery planning to add fitness center; city on schedule to begin curbside recycling Oct 21

Chad Lawhorn

Soon, I’ll be Baryshnikov in Swan Lake. I’ll be Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. I’ll be the over-enthusiastic chicken dancer who stays too long at every wedding reception you’ve ever been to. In other words, I’m going to be doing some happy dances because Thursday is the day my kids ...

Hurst Diamonds moving to 23rd Street; study predicts big gains in household income for Lawrence residents

Chad Lawhorn

Perhaps this past weekend has caused you to enter the market for a piece of diamond jewelry. Perhaps it is because you’ve found the love of your life and are about to become engaged. Or perhaps it is because you are already married to the love of your life, and ...

Tofu maker seeking location in rural Douglas County; city now looking at 0.2 percent sales tax proposal; City Hall discussion of payday loan regulations

Chad Lawhorn

Perhaps you have noticed that you now have to take out a home equity loan to have a pot roast for dinner, and my banker asked me if Warren Buffett was my uncle or something when I brought up the possibility of a steak. The point is, beef prices have ...

Retail spending falls for month but still up for year; study suggests Kansas a cheap place to live; more Mizzou sports coming to local cable

Chad Lawhorn

Maybe we were all too dazed by the invasion of orange construction cones that began showing up in Lawrence in late May or early June. Or perhaps there is some other explanation that doesn’t involve a “road closed” barrier stuck in my radiator. But whatever the reason, new numbers show ...

Crunching the numbers on police HQ plan; still no update on firefighters negotiations; city wins grant for solar project

Chad Lawhorn

Last night’s City Commission meeting ended up sounding like a diet soda commercial, at times. The big phrase of the night was “net zero.” You know, like zero calories but all the same great taste. But city commissioners weren’t selling soda. They were selling a $2.25 million land purchase for ...

Lawrence transit system ranked No. 36 in the country; construction firm purchases North Lawrence property

Chad Lawhorn

There used to be a time whenever you mentioned Lawrence’s public transit system – The T – you would inevitably hear a joke about how its more appropriate name was the empTy. But those jokes have lost their luster, and there’s a new study out that shows why. The T ...

Lawrence's Orchards Golf Course opens new FootGolf facility; update on downtown's Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade

Chad Lawhorn

Dear homeowners along Bob Billings Parkway, Don't be alarmed if you find me in your living room with a soccer ball, argyle socks, and a pair of 1980s-style soccer shorts that cause my children to disown me. Chances are, I'm just looking for my wayward ball with a new type ...

Opening date in sight for Ladybird Diner; Turnhalle meeting set; police headquarters, mini golf, paintball, teen center and more

Chad Lawhorn

Although my attorney has told me to never talk about it again, I do admit that the prospect of pie will cause me to peep through a window. So, if you've seen me recently peeping through a mostly covered window in the 700 block of Massachusetts Street, that's probably what ...

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