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Topeka-based credit union buys bank branch in West Lawrence; city set to approve permit for $65 million sewer plant

Chad Lawhorn

The Lawrence banking industry has become something like a college class reunion: Names tags are needed, and it would be helpful if I had a list of who I still owe money to. We’ve already [reported on several name changes][1] on the Lawrence banking scene, but add one more new ...

Proposed pilot project for super-fast Internet service shrinks; Baldwin City company making stronger push to bring gigabit service to Lawrence; downtown retailer closes

Chad Lawhorn

East Lawrence residents may want to momentarily put on hold their plans to become rich using super-fast Internet connections at their homes. (Yes, this may affect your plans to sell online all those tie-dyed Kansas City Royals T-shirts you made this weekend.) A pilot project to bring gigabit Internet service ...

British restaurant opens on south Massachusetts Street; west Lawrence retirement center plans expansion

Chad Lawhorn

Get ready for a British invasion at Lawrence’s Veterans of Foreign Wars post. No, that guy behind the bar really isn’t Ringo, and that’s not a cricket game that has broken out near the jukebox. But indeed you now can get some British fare at the VFW. The former downtown ...

Plans for downtown grocery store at former Borders site hit a snag; Just Food celebrates 5-year anniversary; WOW announces another plan to boost Internet speeds

Chad Lawhorn

Forget about the hundreds of zombies that will roam downtown Lawrence on Thursday night. (It is the zombie walk, not Royals fans still comatose from Tuesday’s late game.) The really scary sight in downtown Lawrence is the new Halloween store in the former Borders bookstore at Seventh and New Hampshire ...

Lawrence ranks high in new lists of fastest growing cities; latest Kansas income numbers not too bad; Dillons announces job gains in Lawrence

Chad Lawhorn

Following Tuesday's late-night Royals playoff victory, Lawrence and the entire Kansas City metro area ranks fairly high on a new list of top cities with zombie-like workers with Salvador Perez tattoos. As exciting and useful as that is, local leaders may be more interested in a new list that shows ...

Discovery furniture to close Lawrence store and sell property to investment group; talk of south Iowa Street retail heats back up

Chad Lawhorn

Lawrence is losing in the furniture battle, and I’m not just talking about my effort to get a recliner with a built-in beer cooler, bun warmers and a secret Doritos compartment in my living room. No, the city’s largest furniture store has plans to close in early 2015. The owners ...

Downtown business of 25 years closing on Sunday; local home sales fall in August; Wicked Broadband owner considering run for city commission

Chad Lawhorn

I often have had shoppers at a garage sale I’ve hosted tell me I have a particular item priced too high. (I don’t care what they say, my [portrait of dogs playing pool][1] is at least a $10,000 piece of art.) But I’ve never had someone like Gary Strong come ...

Burger King begins work to reopen on Sixth Street; Menards receives building permit from city; large apartment project near KU lacks financing

Chad Lawhorn

It really is safe for all of us to get out our bibs, our paper crowns, our mobile thrones and all the other accoutrements required for a proper trip to Burger King. The Burger King on Sixth Street is going to reopen. Really. There have been a few false starts ...

Retail sales in Lawrence hit new high; Biggs opens downtown location; Burger Fi expected to open in matter of days

Chad Lawhorn

Maybe it was the gross of red, white and blue streamers that I bought, or perhaps the case of burn ointment that I ordered, or maybe even the significant amount of foundation work I had to perform after my buddy lit a firecracker that looked and sounded a lot like ...

New spa opens near Ninth and Iowa; company with local ties vying to make 1 billion coffee cups for Dunkin' Donuts

Chad Lawhorn

I sure could use a spa treatment after this past weekend. I’m sure we all could. First, there were the handsprings following the KU football team’s win over the University of Michigan. (Why do my geography and editing teachers keep texting me?) Then there were the series of violent swings ...

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