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Haskell Avenue may reopen earlier than expected; Dick's Sporting Goods expected to announce opening date soon

Chad Lawhorn

The Haskell Hassle may be over sooner than we expected. If you aren't familiar with the Haskell Hassle, that's the phrase I've coined to describe the traffic mess that has resulted from the closure of a key portion of Haskell Avenue south of 23rd Street. (I thought for sure the ...

New four-story East Lawrence lofts building to have distinctive design; city to add recycling containers downtown

Chad Lawhorn

East Lawrence's Warehouse Arts District already has provided us some interesting things to look at. The district's Cider Gallery and the host of art studios adjacent to it put out a lot of distinctive work. But now, we'll find out if Lawrence is ready for four-stories of distinctive. As we ...

City to consider higher rates to fund project to combat taste and odor issues with drinking water; gun and knife laws to change in city; Corliss to receive raise

Chad Lawhorn

Pick your flavor: An occasional funky taste and odor in the city's drinking water or a water rate increase that will be 10 percent or more in some cases. Tuesday night at City Hall could be dubbed "Taste and Odor Night," as commissioners are being asked to make some big ...

Speculation grows that Old Navy may be tenant of proposed shopping center south of SLT; city may get stricter on downtown drinking establishments

Chad Lawhorn

A plan to build a major new retail center just southeast of the South Lawrence Trafficway and Iowa Street interchange won't get a key hearing at this month's Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission meeting, as was once planned. But I talked to the lead developer on the project, and he assured ...

Topeka-based financial services company moving headquarters to west Lawrence; city moving ahead with ice rink; new affordable housing coalition forms

Chad Lawhorn

I've gotten word that a Topeka-based financial services company is moving its corporate offices and about 35 well-paying jobs to Lawrence. Personalized Brokerage Services is moving into about 8,000 square feet of space at the Wakarusa Corporate Centre near 18th and Wakarusa Drive in west Lawrence. Renovation of the space ...

Latest retail sales numbers post big gains in Lawrence and across the state

Chad Lawhorn

Please pardon the smoke trail that seems to be following me. That's just residue from the very warm credit card in my wallet. There are new numbers out that suggest many of us are dealing with that issue these days. The latest numbers from the state of Kansas show that ...

Bakery planned at 19th and Barker; KU moving ahead on intergenerational neighborhood; city handing out grants

Chad Lawhorn

I don't know about you, but I would rather eat bread than do laundry, which explains why an increasing number of my pants have broken elastic waistbands and have to be stored in a garden shed downwind from the house. But if you are like me in this regard, there ...

Burger King promises it still has plans to reopen on Sixth Street; homeless shelter seeks winter expansion

Chad Lawhorn

A scepter just doesn't get you as far in this town as it used to. The King — the Burger King, that is — is finding that out. I know many of you are wondering whether the Burger King at 1107 W. Sixth St. is ever going to reopen following ...

Philly cheesesteak street vendor coming to downtown Lawrence; Cork & Barrel hosting new charity wine event

Chad Lawhorn

Soon, you'll once again be able to call me a whiz kid. You'll have the opportunity while I'm standing along a Massachusetts Street sidewalk pouring Cheez Whiz directly down my gullet. Yes, downtown Lawrence is getting a new street cart vendor. Goodness Steaks will be serving classic Philly cheesesteaks from ...

Tensions between city and county flare at Tuesday night's meeting; city won't inspect school district building projects

Chad Lawhorn

You know at a family reunion how your cousin throws a chair at you because of a dispute over the last deviled egg? I knew you did. Well, the Lawrence City Commission meeting on Tuesday kind of had that feel to it. Certainly no chairs were thrown, but there was ...

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