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LMH lands on another top 100 list for community hospitals


Pretty soon, the cafeteria/atrium area at Lawrence Memorial Hospital is going to have a bit of an Allen Fieldhouse feel to it; there will be championship banners galore.

LMH has made another banner-worthy type of list. The hospital recently was named as one of the “100 Great Community Hospitals” in America by Becker’s Hospital Review.

The ranking comes after LMH earlier this year landed on the granddaddy of hospital lists: Truven Health Analytics’ 100 Top Hospitals. That list stacked LMH up against every hospital in America, and conducted a rigorous review of LMH’s data on various performance measures.

This latest ranking focuses on smaller hospitals that have fewer than 550 beds, minimal teaching programs, often are located in rural areas and serve as the only hospitals in their communities. Becker used the rankings of Truven and other similar rankings programs to create its top 100 list.

LMH was the only Kansas hospital included on the Becker list. The Becker report called attention to LMH’s $45 million expansion in 2009 that included new facilities for its emergency and surgery departments as well as additional space for maternity and intensive care units.

As for the banner, I don’t really know whether LMH will hang a banner for this award. Hospital leaders did hang a large one in the dining/atrium area near the hospital’s cafeteria when it landed on the Truven list.

So, who knows, perhaps they can consult with the banner experts at Allen Fieldhouse about whether they should hang a banner for this one. Hopefully they won’t take this too far, though. A “Beware of the Phog” banner is not what I want to see when I sit down to eat my fine LMH cafeteria food.


begin60 9 months, 2 weeks ago

They sure weren't showing their most competent colors when I visited their out-patient office in south Lawrence. Dang MRI technician followed me right into the restroom in the name of being "helpful." Something a lot of people in Lawrence need to learn--if you don't understand and respect others' personal space and dignity it's hard to make a genuine contribution.

Some people just want to be thanked though. They love singing their mindless mantra about being helpful even when it annoys the hell out of others. Give yourself a wee bit of credit: claim to just want to help at a stranger's expense when you are actually terrorizing them with your ignorance. Unwelcome messing with strangers needs to be recognized for what it is: harassment:

23 cats tell you how to deal with strangers offering unwanted candy:


chicago95 9 months, 2 weeks ago

A number of commenters (some now withdrawn) admit that they lie to Google. While I applaud the attempt to undermine Big Brother, be aware that there is a downside to this strategy. Google (and the NSA, et al) are building personal profiles on us anyway, except that now they are filled with additional false information. If you are worried about what they might do with facts, just imagine what they could do with innuendo. The best course by far is to exert sustained pressure on the LJW to withdraw from this business alliance.


Richard Heckler 9 months, 2 weeks ago

You need to get hurt or become ill to enjoy this great rating.......

Who wants to do that? Do I want to move someplace in order to enjoy a hospital?

Likely not.

This is part of the effort that persuades golden agers a life is good at the hospital.....

Where are those very very safe bike paths for golden age commuters throughout Lawrence? Where is the connectivity? Where is the question. Golden Agers from the 60's and 70's are cyclists and walkers. Healthy types.

Lawrence is planning on illness and big hospital bills. What's up with that nonsense?


HuskerNLawrence 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Tremendous hospital from top to bottom. No matter how you want to spin it or which data to look at, since we moved here in 1999, system wide there has been a huge upgrade. We are all lucky to have LMH in our community.


fearthephog512 9 months, 2 weeks ago

LMH is a great hospital — Lawrence is lucky.

Meanwhile ... I haven't read a single google question, though I've given plenty of responses ... Anyone else with me on this tactic?


chicago95 9 months, 2 weeks ago

It is important to note what this is and what it is not. Truven's methodology is here: . While the recognition was well-earned, LMH's performance was scored primarily in comparison to other hospitals of about the same size (173 beds.) Note, too, that Truven's risk-adjusted indexes are a reflection of the fact that case mix differs, even among hospitals of comparable size.


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