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Lawrence physician Terry Riordan likely to file for seat on City Commission


The clock is now really ticking on folks who are thinking about running for one of three seats up for election on the Lawrence City Commission.

The deadline for candidates to file is noon Jan. 22. For several weeks now I’ve been hearing a new name as a potential candidate for the race: Dr. Terry Riordan.

I haven’t yet talked to Riordan, but my understanding is he is likely to announce his candidacy on Tuesday.

Riordan would go into the race with many Lawrence folks knowing his name. Riordan has been a longtime pediatrician in the city. Riordan also has some City Hall experience. He was a member and chairman of the Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission in the mid-2000s.

Other folks may know Riordan and his wife, Elaine, as the owners of one of the more unique homes in the city. They own the large house in the 1600 block of Tennessee Street often referred to as the Maupintour Mansion or the Ludington-Thacher House, if you are the type to be more historically accurate.

If Riordan does file as expected, he’ll be the third candidate in the race. Former Lawrence Mayor Rob Chestnut has filed, and so has Scott Criqui, a member of the city’s Human Relations Commission.

All indications are that current City Commissioner Mike Amyx will file for re-election, but he hasn’t done so yet. Current City Commissioner Hugh Carter says he won’t seek re-election, instead focusing on his new job with the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce. City Commissioner Aron Cromwell also is up for re-election. He hasn’t announced his plans, but there are indications he is leaning against seeking another term.

I think there is still an effort out there by some to recruit a female candidate to the race, but I haven’t heard of any takers yet. During the last election two years ago, no female candidates ran for a seat on the commission, and a woman hasn’t served on the commission since Sue Hack ended an eight-year stint on the commission in 2009.

If seven or more candidates file for the three seats on the commission — they are all at-large seats — there will be a primary election on Feb. 26 to narrow the field to six candidates. The general election will be on April 2.


5 years, 3 months ago

Gosh 3 candidates to fill 3 slots, that's disappointing. I wonder what the advantage is in delaying filing at this point?

Kontum1972 5 years, 3 months ago

if no female candidates filed .....what does that say? come on get real...! It's like an ice-pick to the forehead....Ouch!!!!!!!!

flyin_squirrel 5 years, 3 months ago

Riordan will be great for the Pro-Growth group. I believe he, Compton and Fritzel are all good buddies.

seriouscat 5 years, 3 months ago

As a doctor, this individual still lives in the 1950's, and I would venture to guess that the same is true for him as a commissioner, which is to say that the ole boys network rules and everyone else pays.

DoUntoOthers 5 years, 3 months ago

Dr. Riordan listens well, is smart and has good judgment. Seems like what we would want from a Commissioner.

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