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Property sales for the week, including Massachusetts Street and Ninth and Iowa locations


Another week almost down, which means another week of property sales and land transfers as recorded by the Douglas County Register of Deeds office.

You can click here to see the complete list of sales for the week ending Jan. 7.

There were a few sales of note, but before we get to that, here’s my standard disclaimer: Unless otherwise noted, most of this information is just me relaying information from various public documents from the Douglas County Courthouse and the Kansas Secretary of State’s office. In an effort to be timely, it is not always possible to contact everyone involved. It is not always easy to ascertain what is going on with a property just by looking at documents, so I would read these listings as a first draft of activity in the local real estate market.

Here’s a look at activity of note in this most recent report:

• Significant downtown investment group Jayhawk Equities LLC has sold its property at 1105 and 1107 Massachusetts St. The location houses Its Brothers Bar & Grill. I haven’t heard any word of changes at Its Brothers, so it may just be that the downtown bar is getting a new set of landlords, but we’ll keep an eye on the location. The property was purchased by Georg Heidelmann (no, I didn’t forget the ‘e’) and Kelda Jackson. According to listings on the Web, Heidelmann and Jackson are from Kansas City. Heidelmann has been listed as the president of Kansas City-based Adapt Laser Systems, a company that provides laser cleaning technology to companies across North America.

• A corner property near Ninth and Iowa Streets has changed hands. The property at 845 Iowa St. — which houses The Selection used auto dealership, has been purchased by a group led by Lawrence businessman Doug Compton and other investors. No word on whether there will be a change in use at the site, which was a former Sinclair gasoline station and sat vacant for quite awhile until the used car company opened in early 2011. I believe my memory is correct on this, but I think a group led by Compton owned the site before the auto dealership purchased the property. UPDATE: Bob Sarna at Compton's First Management has told me that this latest transfer is just a step in a transaction that will ultimately put the property under the full ownership of the group that runs The Selection auto dealership. So it looks like the dealership is solidifying its position at the location. This is a good example of why I put the disclaimer at the top of this article, because as the county courthouse officials explained to me, this sale is actually a contract sale, where Compton's group actually already owns the property and is selling to the auto group, but it doesn't necessarily show up that way in the county's land transfer listings.

• A lot of people must have washed their cars recently. That’s the only way to explain why this water has started falling from the sky again. (I can’t remember, what do the weather people call that?) Well, in Eudora, the largest car wash in the city has a new owner. Capital City Bank has sold the car wash at 1428 Church St. to Eudora Car Wash LLC, which is a group led by Lawrence businessman Christopher Wagner.


headdoctor 5 years, 3 months ago

A lot of money went into remodeling where the bar is. I doubt Brothers is going to be going anywhere soon unless the new owners want to spend even more money buying off whats left of a very long lease. It does make one curious what the new owner has in mind because if they paid anywhere close to the rumored asking price there would be no way to make it pencil as is.

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