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Fritzel makes public agreements with KU on Rock Chalk Park proposal


Well, that didn't take long.

One day after Mayor Bob Schumm said he wanted to see the agreements between Thomas Fritzel's Bliss Sports and the various KU entities involved in the Rock Chalk Park property, Fritzel has produced them.

Fritzel has provided four sets of agreements to Lawrence City Hall. (He also dropped off a set of copies for me, as well.) I'm just now starting to read them.

The city will be posting the documents to its Web site shortly. I'll provide a link once it does.


irvan moore 5 years ago

well, everybody should have plenty of time to read and understand the documents between now and the commission meeting tonight

Joe Hyde 5 years ago

Mayor Schumm might take this window of opportunity to request a delay in order to allow a thorough review of these documents by the commissioners of Junction City. I'm sure they'd be happy to help.

Bruce Bertsch 5 years ago

The Junction City thing has nothing to do with this. If Fritzel said the sun rises in the east, some of you would object.

Larrytown 5 years ago

You left off the artificial grass, the Varsity House, and the cell phone towers. The combination of all these things certainly raise questions...and rightfully so.

Pepe 5 years ago

I think the Junction City thing is very important. Ultimately, the question facing the city is who are they going into business with and what is the character of that person? Just as you or I would likely not go into business with someone with a shady track record, the city should not do so either. I think a person's prior history of ethical or unethical dealings is the best indication one can get of how they will conduct themselves in future business dealings. Thus, an inquiry into how the Junction City business was handled seems extremely relevant.

Catalano 5 years ago

Wow. Just got my email from the city about the update at 3:19pm (I know it takes a long time to scan everything into a PDF so I'm not complaining to city staff). But, really...3 hours before the CC meeting? Is this stuff even going to be discussed tonight?

Pat Long 5 years ago

Will the CC display more courtesy to Mr. Fritzel, and pass the proposal, or to the taxpayers, and delay their decision?

Hudson Luce 5 years ago

I'd have to wonder, the way in which this thing is being handled, whether any of the city commissioners have a conflict of interest on this project - they might want to recuse themselves on the vote just in case this winds up in court.

Richard Heckler 5 years ago

Here's another scenario that might come back to bite taxpayers in the butt. This one gets built.

There is an equity issue no matter what and this new giant facility will not make that go away.

That still leaves North Lawrence and Southeast Lawrence without a rec center. Both have had a major influx of population and still growing. SE Lawrence does have Prairie Park Nature Center however athletic events cannot be scheduled.

There is an equity issue no matter what and this new giant facility will not make that go away.

WE taxpayers know this field house scenario will cost we taxpayers more than $31 million after all infrastructure is installed etc etc etc. Traffic Lights/water lines etc etc get expensive.

Considering the total cost will be more than 31 million no matter how the picture is painted why not build a neighborhood rec center in NW with 3 gyms, North Lawrence with two gyms, and Southeast Lawrence with 2 gyms ? This is going to come up. Spend an estimated 11 million on each each facility.

Schedule local athletic events according to where most team members reside.

Jumping in a car to drive across town is not practical thinking. Not any longer. 29 cents a gallon polluting gasoline went bye bye bye some time ago. A ton of people in Lawrence do not bring home $60,000 or more in wages such that a lot of the loudest promoters do and some are on a tax dollar payroll.

In fact it seems this 1994 sales tax money was to provide "neighborhood" rec centers. SE Lawrence is going to want a swimming pool one day.

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