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Missouri Tiger bar plans to celebrate anniversary of Quantrill's Raid


Honestly, I'm not interested in giving this event any more attention than it deserves, but sometimes in this job you have to write things for the historical record. So, let the record show there certainly were some dumb Missouri fans in 2013.

Perhaps you have heard that the owners of the Black & Gold Tavern in Kansas City, Mo., are planning an event tomorrow to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Quantrill's Raid on Lawrence.

There is a bunch of blabber on the bar's Facebook page, but I'll just give you a sampling. The bar calls the raid not only daring but "Missouri's most decisive road victory."

It talks about how the raiders "sought vengeance for murders and other terrorist acts" such as the raid on Osceola and the burning of Missouri farms. And then it ties it all up in a knot that could only be understood by someone who took a logic class at the University of Missouri: "Just as KU chooses to honor the memories of murderers and thieves through the naming of its athletic teams, we will celebrate the sesquicentennial of Quantrill's Raid."

Does that mean they'll chant: "We're better murderers than you are?" Who knows?

And really, how much vengeance did the Missourians get by killing about 185 men and boys? Jim Lane led the despicable raid on Osceola, yet Quantrill and his men couldn't figure out how to find him in a Lawrence cornfield. I guess even back then the Tigers were scared of a Cornhusker.

But before I go on, I should take my own advice and remember there's really no reason to give this event more attention than it deserves. This is basically a bar trying to sell some extra drinks. I'm not sure it will work. The Facebook messages attached to this announcement were almost universally negative when I checked this morning.

The bar may have whiffed on this idea. But it is worth noting that one of the bar's owners, Zach Cartwright, is a former University of Missouri lineman. He's certainly whiffed before.


yourworstnightmare 8 months ago

Tough being on the losing (and unethical and immoral) side of history as these Missourians and other southerners are.

Yes, there were atrocities on both sides, but the confederacy fought to own other human beings as slaves.

Enough said.


neworleans 8 months ago

Jayhawkers celebrate this ; whynot the Tigers; after all they won!!!


John Pearson 8 months ago

Perhaps the LPD can use its new armored truck to take out the bar?


Larry Moss 8 months ago

Everyone seems to think there is a resurgence of the civil war bubbling under the surface here. Take a break, it's just bravado with bad taste.

The promotion has achieved it's goal evidenced by this article. They would like nothing more than a couple hundred KU fans going over there and crashing their get together and buying some beer. So go!


jack22 8 months ago

Come on give 'em some slack, the tiger bar needs to find something they can celebrate, it's not like they're going to be celebrating any major victories in sports this year


Beth Ennis 8 months ago

John Brown was a murderer also, but I don't see Kansas celebrating him (other than his picture in the capital building; which I'm hoping is just a historical reference), but I've never seen any actual parties, celebrations or anything claiming how great he was. Very sad story, but very clever Chad. I like your take on this! (-:


jane_doe 8 months ago

We could celebrate August 25th when Union army troops slashed and burned and forcibly removed residents of three and a half counties in Missouri along the border as a response to the Lawrence raid.

Yah, not really. Leave it to Missouri to redefine "tasteless."


Matthew Herbert 8 months ago

When MIZZOU left for the SEC, they effectively joined their racist brothers in the Confederacy Conference. Quick - name ONE school/state in the SEC that didn't fight for the Confederacy in the Civil War.


Lora Gilliland Schneider 8 months ago

I'm not sure why my comment was removed. The entire reason the bar is holding this event is for PR and advertising. It is NOT a white table cloth establishment and not really a place I would take a family. I've seen worse comments. Why was my original comment removed? The worst word used was the word "Divy."


Terry Lee 8 months ago

Way to stay classy MU.....


Phoghorn 8 months ago

I guess that if you are a proud Missouri Slaver, it makes sense to condemn a raid that was designed to free slaves, but cheer a raid that was designed to kill innocent civilians.


Lora Gilliland Schneider 8 months ago

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