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Dance studio for adults expands into space at Orchards Corner in West Lawrence


Back in the day, when the little space in the Orchards Corner Shopping Center at Bob Billings and Kasold housed the Brass Apple restaurant, there was a lot of stretching going on in the space. Mainly, stretching of my elastic waistband.

Well, now there is stretching of a different type. The Lawrence dance academy Point B Dance has moved into the long vacant space at 3300 Bob Billings Parkway.

The new space represents an expansion for the dance studio that started out about five years ago, and most recently was located in the Sunset West shopping area along Sixth Street. The new location about doubles the amount of space for the business.

The dance studio is unique in town because it focuses on teaching dance to adults 16 years and older. Lots of studios in town are in the children’s dance market, but studio owner Cathy Patterson said the adult market is a growing one.

“There are more and more people interested in the art of dance,” said Patterson, a former professional dancer in California who was trained at KU’s dance department. “People danced when they were young, and now they are coming back to it.”

The studio offers recreational classes and also operates an approximately 25-member dance company that is geared toward performance-oriented dance. The business offers multi-week sessions, but also has several classes where people can just pay by the day.

The new space is allowing the business to expand into the market of providing fitness-oriented dance classes. But the studio’s main emphasis continues to be on contemporary dance — a mixture of modern and ballet dances — jazz dance, turning and leaping classes, and a host of hip hop dance classes.

Now, I may have done some hip hop in that space too. But that was after it changed from the Brass Apple to a short-lived Cajun restaurant that was spelled something like Loo-zee-ana’s. Those Cajuns may have been questionable on their spelling, but they sure had a hot sauce that could make you move in some funny ways.


Karl_Hungus 1 year ago

Do they have classes on Slam Dancing? I need to brush up on my etiquette!


Machiavelli_mania 1 year ago

Smiley, Lawrence as we have known it has been dead for sometime now. I blame it on the builders and the brown-nosing commissioners.


Machiavelli_mania 1 year ago

I will not be doing business where there is unchecked urban sprawl.

Do you notice how Lawrence does not expand to the northeast? Hmmmmm!


g_rock 1 year ago

Wasn't it an Indian restaurant too or something? Though I do remember being at the Cajun place after work once drinking and getting into lots of trouble with the ex before the ex because I was totally MIA. Life before cell phones....


smileydog 1 year ago

If it isn't taxpayer subsidized.... this town is dead.


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