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City holding off on hiring new city clerk


Today will mark a changing of the guard in one of the major behind-the-scenes departments at Lawrence City Hall.

Friday is the last day of service for Frank Reeb, the city’s clerk and director of administrative services. As previously reported, Reeb, who has been with the city for about eight years, is leaving to become the director of human resources for the Kansas Athletic Department.

In a sign of the fiscal times at City Hall, City Manager David Corliss is not seeking to immediately fill the position. Instead, Jonathan Douglass, an assistant to the city manager, will serve as interim city clerk. Diane Stoddard, an assistant city manager, will oversee the human relations division. Cynthia Boecker, another assistant city manager, will oversee the risk management division.

Corliss said he’s not yet set a timeline to begin recruiting for a permanent replacement, but instead will monitor the city’s finances to determine when it would be appropriate to begin the process.

Reeb oversaw a variety of city functions. He was responsible for keeping City Commission meeting minutes, issuing various licenses and permits, conducting employee recruiting and employee policy matters, and managing the city’s health insurance program.


frankenstien 8 years, 8 months ago

It still amazes me that the former city manager only had one assistant city manager and Dave Corliss needs TWO assistant city managers AND an assistant to the city manager (seems a little redundant). Makes sense that these positions would have time to fill in as needed.

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