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Campaign finance reports for city candidates


And the money game is under way. Two candidates for the Lawrence City Commission got a significant jump on fundraising late last year, according to new campaign finance reports filed with the Douglas County Clerk. Lance Johnson, owner of the Lawrence-based civil engineering firm the Peridian Group, got the biggest jump. From Jan. 1, 2008, through Dec. 31, 2008, Johnson raised a total of $3,125 from 13 contributors. That total includes $500 that Johnson contributed to his own campaign. Aron Cromwell, owner of the Lawrence-based environmental consulting firm Cromwell Environmental, raised $1,670 from seven contributors. That total includes $500 that Cromwell contributed to his own campaign. The fact those two are atop the fundraising pack makes sense. Johnson and Cromwell were the only two candidates to formally declare for the election before the new year. James Bush, a sales and marketing professional for downtown caterer Maceli’s, declared shortly after the new year, but had raised some money before Jan. 1, according to the report. Bush raised $180 from five contributors. The other two declared candidates — Gwen Klingenberg, president of the Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods, and Tom Johnson, general manager of KJHK radio — began their campaigns after the reporting period. So, where’s the money coming from? You can view the complete reports, but here’s a taste:Johnson received four contributions of $500 each, which is the maximum amount an individual or entity can give. One was from himself, and two others were from what appeared to be relatives: Kenneth and Becky Johnson of Hays. The other came from Jayhawk Ventures, LLC, a Wichita-based company. Other notables include Brad Finkeldei, a Lawrence attorney who also is the chairman of the Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission. He donated $100. Cromwell received two donations of $500. One was from himself, and the other was from the newly formed political action committee IMpac, which we reported on here. I'll write more about that organization and who is supporting it later. Cromwell also received a $400 donation from former Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission member John Haase. Bush received four $20 donations and a single $100 donation from Lawrence resident Katherine Pryor. Lawrence residents have until Jan. 27 to file for one of the three seats up for election on the commission. The general election will be in April.


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