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Firefighters, Realtors endorse city candidates


It is a sure sign that we’re in the final days of the Lawrence City Commission campaign. Endorsements from various organizations are starting to roll in for slates of candidates. On April 7, three candidates will be elected to the city commission.

Also in a sign that city employees are worried how tough the 2010 city budget may be, a group of city employees is making an endorsement in the race.

The Lawrence Professional Firefighters’ Political Action Committee has endorsed candidates Mike Amyx, James Bush and Aron Cromwell for the April 7 election.

Firefighters normally haven’t formally endorsed candidates in past races, but the group is clearly concerned that budget cuts in 2010 could impact public safety funding.

“The union’s endorsement is based solely on the strength of commitment that candidates Amyx, Bush and Cromwell made to preserving public safety as a core service during the current recession,” the PAC said in a press release. “While other candidates were generally supportive of these efforts, the above candidates were endorsed because they were the most firm in their commitment not to allow emergency services to decline during the current recession.”

The PAC said it would be making a financial contribution to each candidate, and would run advertisements in local media supporting its slate.

The Lawrence Board of Realtors also made endorsement recently, but chose a slightly different slate of candidates. Amyx, Bush and Lance Johnson received the nod from the city’s largest group of real estate representatives.

“In these difficult times, we need leaders like Mike Amyx, James Bush and Lance Johnson who are truly committed to moving forward with a commitment to grow our property tax base through new economic development opportunities and job creation,” said Randy Barnes, the board’s president.

I’ve heard informally that several other groups have made endorsements of candidates, but I’ve yet to see them. So, as they say, stay tuned.


kuhusker 9 years ago

No surprise about the realtors. You can tell who they like because all their empty, unsold and undeveloped lots have signs for their preferred candidates, but you never see those same signs in front of actual owner-occupied homes.

right_down_the_middle 9 years ago

there are in front of my owner occupied home. I believe Lance Johnson to be committed to the best interests of our community. While I personally believe emergency services are the most essential services provided by City Government...they, as a group, don't get to decide what is the best way to pay for and provide those services. That's why we have elected officials. Otherwise all groups of city employees would simply always demand raises.

grimpeur 9 years ago

So, middle, what about Mr. Johnson has made it clear to you that he is most committed? That is, what has he said about, say, job creation, to make him your choice? Please be specific.

walkingonwater 9 years ago

ocean, though your unbiased opinion is always welcome, you don't have the first clue of bush's background. our son's play on the same ball team so i know he is a decent guy, and capable business person. he started his first business in 1992, a non profit, learn more with a search of passport camps to learn more. in addition, he has a consulting business on the side. his primary work is with macelis restaurant downtown. and, add a dose of liberalism, he is endorsed by the kansas equality coalition.

Scott Drummond 9 years ago

"our son's play on the same ball team so i know he is a decent guy"

"wow." nothing else, just "wow."

walkingonwater 9 years ago

my point is, i have known the guy for a couple of years. didn't think i needed to provide every detail

DirtyGirl 9 years ago

let's not forget Mr. Bush's experience as a pastor- leadership, budget management that directly affects the lives a community, people skills, ability to serve the needs of a community....all skills a pastor must possess and grow, while encouraging others along the way. ADD to that a dose of liberalism, and why wouldn't we want a guy like that in the City Commission?

ocean, i will agree with you that Lance Johnson has yet to say anything that makes much sense to the realities of Lawrence.....

at least the firefighters care enough about the election to make an endorsement...maybe it will inspire the general public to get in tune and VOTE!!!

ConstantlyAmazed 9 years ago

I also think Lance Johnson is committed to the best interests of the entire community. Not just the squeaky wheels.

We do need leaders focused every day on job creation, and I believe him when he says that is what he is going to do.

More jobs = more tax dollars = more support of social and city services.

Less jobs = less services.

Anyone opposed to increasing our tax base thru job growth, and maintaining or growing the city's support of social services?

bearded_gnome 9 years ago

So is ocean blatantly plagiarizing Richard? Or is it just channeling Richard? Or is it actually Richard violating forum rules by having two profiles?

or with the obsessive posting: "ocean" is the former cool/ariadne/coltrane/spiderman/rusty2????

obsessive posting, repetitive posting should tell the reader much about the values and psyche of the "ocen."

wasn't planning to vote for bush, now that I know he's endorsed by the kansas equality coalition, glad I didn't plan to vote for him. rather violates his stated faith with the southern baptists. but then, Bill Clinton was a "southern baptist" too. when he was in the whithouse the head of the southern baptists bemoaned Clinton's immoral behavior by saying "I wish we did have a southern baptist in the whitehouse."

I disagree often with MikeA, but I think his heart is in the right place. and, intend to vote for him, Lance Johnson, maybe Banks because of his history not his present.

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