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What questions do you have about Lawrence's sales tax proposals


When you vote on Nov. 4, you'll be faced with three questions about whether the city should increase its sales tax rate.But you may have several questions running through your head. I'd like to hear them. Between now and the election, I'll be writing two question and answer stories regarding the sales tax issues - one on the sales tax for infrastructure, and one on the two sales tax questions for public transit. What questions would you like to see us address in those stories? Use the reader comment section below to post your questions, and we'll do our best to find answers.


working_momma 9 years, 7 months ago

Why can the city commission not have a concrete plan for how this money will be spent? I would be more inclined to vote yes if there were l lot less, "well maybes and what ifs" out of the commission. It reminds me of a child asking a parent for extra allowance for "stuff", as a parent that is not specific enough, I would not increase allowance for candy or "junk" toys, however would be inclined to entertian the idea if my child wanted to take an extra park and rec activity or wanted to invest in something for his or her future (i.e. saving the extra).

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