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19th Street project could use Mother Nature boost


Chuck Soules, the city's director of public works, isn't about to say that the [project][1] to rebuild the 19th and Louisiana intersection won't be done by the time school starts at adjacent Lawrence High. He knows that would be bad for too many tickers around town. But he will say this: Less rain sure would help. "We need the rain to stop," Soules said recently. "We really do. They had so much rain in the first part of the project that it was just a mudhole." Soules said late last week that the waterline work is largely done, and some curb work is completed too. The [project][2] also includes new turn lanes and a new traffic signal. He said two dry weeks likely would get construction crews back on schedule. He said the crews are working six days a week to get the project done, which has traffic completely shut down at the key intersection. The project is one of the more time-sensitive pieces of roadwork the city has undertaken recently. If 19th and Louisiana isn't fully open to traffic when school starts in mid-August, accessing the high school via four wheels will be tougher than advanced trigonometry. Soules, though, said such worries are a bit premature. Officially - when asked about it - Soules said the project is still on schedule to be completed on time."That's the only answer that works," Soules said. ¢¢¢ No, you haven't missed anything. Don't dig through the ljworld's massive electronic archives in search of the debut issue of our new city blog. This is it. Yes, really. I obviously subscribe to the philosophy that success is achieved by keeping the expectations low. That brings us to the name of this journalistic endeavor: Town Talk. Yes, it is simple. Oh, you said simpleton. Well, you can help. What I really wanted in a name was an iconic description of this city. You know, like Cowtown. Yes, some places actually choose to call themselves that. Others call themselves the Windy City - so forget it, that name is already taken. So, here's a question to you: What phrase - one that can be used as a title - describes this city? Just blurt out your ideas on the message board below. That's how these blog things work. And sure, don't limit your blurts to name ideas. If you have a story idea or something that you think should be written about (large or small), blurt away. Or, if your modesty prevents you from blurting, feel free to [e-mail me][3]. But back to the name challenge. I'll prime the pump. As someone who has sat through more than a dozen years of City Commission meetings, I vote for: Verboseville. Yes, many editors who have been forced to read my work agree - I'm an able mascot. [1]: http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2008/apr... [2]: http://www.lawrenceks.org/web_based_agendas/2008/04-08-08/04-08-08h/pw_19th_louisiana_memo.html [3]: http://www2.ljworld.com/staff/chad_lawhorn/contact/


grimpeur 9 years, 10 months ago

From the article: "If 19th and Louisiana isn't fully open to traffic when school starts in mid-August, accessing the high school via four wheels will be tougher than advanced trigonometry."Horrors! The many, many students, faculty and employees who drive from just two miles away (or less, likely) won't be able to clog Louisiana, 19th and 21st with their recreational driving! Oh nooooo!Let 'em walk or bike. They created the problem in the first place.My suggestion: WORDville. Wasting On Recreational Drivers ville.

LadyJ 9 years, 10 months ago

Was talking to someone that works for the city and they're just passing the buck, the weather is not the real reason they're behind, incompetence is.

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