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More population numbers from the Census


We've got numbers. Lots and lots of numbers. That's thanks to the U.S. Census Bureau's just released report on population growth of area cities. Elsewhere [on this site][1] we gave you some detailed information on Lawrence's growth. But what about area cities? Well, here's a look at several area cities with the total number of people added or lost from July 1, 2006, to July 1, 2007. Also included is a one year and five year growth rate. ¢ Baldwin City: up 65 people to 4,202 people. One year growth rate of 1.57 percent. Five year growth rate of 15.25 percent. ¢ Basehor: up 261 people to 3,729. One year: 7.53 percent. Five year: 46.87 percent. ¢ Bonner Springs: up 63 people to 7,069. One year: 0.9 percent. Five year: 3.77 percent. ¢ De Soto: up 118 people to 5,369. One year: 2.25 percent. Five year: 13.75 percent. ¢ Edwardsville: up 5 people to 4,463. One year: 0.11 percent. Five year: 0.97 percent. ¢ Eudora: up 55 people to 6,077. One year: 0.91 people. Five year: 24 percent. ¢ Kansas City, Kan.: up 260 people to 142,230. One year: 0.18 percent. Five year: negative 2.7 percent. ¢ Lansing: up 105 people to 10,680. One year: 0.99 percent. Five year: 7.68 percent. ¢ Lawrence: up 742 people to 89,852. One year: 0.83 percent. Five year: 7.41 percent. ¢ Leavenworth: up 252 people to 34,787. One year: 0.73 percent. Five year: negative 2 percent. ¢ Lecompton: down 2 people to 646. One year: negative 0.31. Five year: 3.36 percent. ¢ McLouth: down 3 people to 811. One year: negative 0.37 percent. Five year: negative 5.04 percent. ¢ Olathe: up 3,416 people to 118,034. One year: 2.98 percent. Five year: 16.41 percent. ¢ Ottawa: up 35 people to 12,828. One year: 0.27 percent. Five year: 5.04 percent. ¢ Overbrook: down 8 people to 934. One year: negative 0.85. Five year: negative 2.61 percent. ¢ Overland Park: up 2,729 people to 169,403. One year: 1.64 percent. Five year: 6.81 percent. ¢ Perry: up 4 people to 852 people. One year: 0.47 percent. Five year: down 4.67 percent. ¢ Tonganoxie: up 119 people to 4,156. One year: 2.95 percent. Five year: 31.19 percent. ¢ Topeka: up 455 people to 122,642. One year: 0.37 percent. Five year: 0.09 percent.And one final number to ponder. Lawrence's five year growth rate of 7.41 percent is largely the result of a successful challenge that city leaders made to the Census Bureau. The bureau added about 6,800 people to the city's 2005 population, and also adjusted back years, after the city argued the Census methods for estimating population were flawed. The city made a compelling argument using building permit numbers, and ultimately the Census agreed. But some locals have [wondered][2] whether the Census Bureau actually had it right. They argue that housing vacancy rates are up, and average household size is down, which would throw off the city's own estimates. And they also have numbers. They point to the fact school district enrollment was declining during the same time period the Census said Lawrence growth was lagging. Who is right? [1]: http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2008/jul... [2]: http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2006/jun...


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