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Supernatural Convention and Dennis in a Santa suit

Alma Bahman

It's been busy around the newsroom, what with storms and general newsy busy-ness, but the Lasso is not yet dead. Here's your roundup: • In case you hadn't caught on, I love cool photos of this town. Here's [a few shots][1] of East Lawrence from writer Bobby Myers' Tumblr (Hamm's ...

Post-Labor Day blogosphere

Alma Bahman

Since it's a short week, let's have a shorter roundup. Here's what's going on this week on the Lawrence blogs: • Happy birthday to [Style on the Hill][1]. Keep Lawrence classy. • This is meta: a [blog][2] on Behind the Lens. Thanks for the love! • Megan Do (the Grand ...

Air guitar, sunflowers and other cool things

Alma Bahman

The Lawrence blogosphere is bursting with local love this week: • As you may have heard, Lawrence's very own Eric "Mean Melin" won the [Air Guitar World Championships][1] in Oulu, Finland. He's making the rounds with interviews on [Larryville Chronicles][2] and [Huff Post Live][3]. Congrats, Mean Melin! • Around this ...

LawrenceLives, LFK Tumblrs, a NYT mention and some Quantrill

Alma Bahman

It's Tuesday and here's your Lasso roundup: • Don't know how I didn't see this before, but [this Tumblr][3] exists. • Speaking of Tumblrs, [Jayhawk Parking][4] is back in action. • Here's a really nice photo from [Shot][5], of Lawrence High School football: *Photo from [Shot][6]* • And from the ...

Playing catch up, reviewing history and BuzzFeed

Alma Bahman

Remember me? It's been a while since the last Lasso, but let's get back into the swing of things and see what the Lawrence blogosphere is talking about now that it's August. • A little bit of history repeating? Kind of. The City of Lawrence has a neat [Facebook page][1] ...

Things besides the Sidewalk Sale

Alma Bahman

There was a lot happening on the local blogs this week besides the Sidewalk Sale, so I thought I'd round up those gems - though the sale did make its way in a tiny bit. Here's what's going on: • As always, Larryville Artists helps keep Lawrencians up on the ...

We're back: Lavender, fashion, taverns and a farewell

Alma Bahman

After a short fall-off in posting for The Lasso, let's get back in the saddle, shall we? Here's a round-up of what local blogs are up to post-Fourth of July, moving into the heart of summer. • There's a [groundbreaking][1] for a new hotel today at 9th and New Hampshire ...

Short round up for the longest day of the year

Alma Bahman

Summer is officially here! The local blogosphere is bursting with things to do and lovely summer sights around town: • Tomorrow morning, the Lawrence Public Library offers a chance for KU professors to [get out of their academic box][1]. Ukeleles are involved. • Meryl at My Bit of Earth posts ...

Beer, rock n' roll, alpacas and more

Alma Bahman

The lasso's rounding up a lot of local food and music today. Let's see what we've got: • This is one is for the beer lovers. The Pitch writes about Boulevard and Sierra Nevada's second collaboration, which is available today: the earthy [Tierra Incognita][3]. • Mrs. Mass continues her adventures ...

Wonkette, books and kickball

Alma Bahman

Summer is in full swing, so let's take the temperature of the Lawrence blogosphere and see what the Internet has in store for us: • Heard of [Wonkette][1]? The [political satire blog][2] is on a [tour][3] of sorts and will stop by Frank's North Star Tavern tonight at 6 p.m. ...

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