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Supernatural Convention and Dennis in a Santa suit


It's been busy around the newsroom, what with storms and general newsy busy-ness, but the Lasso is not yet dead. Here's your roundup:

• In case you hadn't caught on, I love cool photos of this town. Here's a few shots of East Lawrence from writer Bobby Myers' Tumblr (Hamm's garbage can, anyone?).

• In case you didn't know, the main characters from the CW show Supernatural (going into its ninth season!) are from Lawrence. So it makes sense that this petition exists.

Merchant's Pub & Plate opened Saturday. Did you go?

• And as far as Lawrence restaurants go, Mrs. Mass went to Yokohama.

• For your artsy side, Lawrence Percolator has a post on an upcoming exhibition opening during September's Final Friday called High Moon Tide.

• Fashion blog Kansas Couture has been keeping Kansas fashionable for five years.

• In music, I Heart Local Music has a gallery up about Best Coast and Bleached's and Andrew W.K.'s performances at The Granada.

• Twitter tells me that a new Lawrence arts and entertainment site is on the horizon, based on this tweet from @BARR:

Tweet from @BARRR

Tweet from @BARRR by Alma Bahman

• Twitter also tells me that Lawrence legend Dennis is celebrating the holidays a little early. He's also featured in the latest edition of Style on the Hill.



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Irenaku 4 years, 8 months ago

O.K.- if anyone knows, please confirm the validity of this: I was told several years ago that Dennis had apparently tried to touch a child and/or children inappropriately. I am wary of him, but would like to know if anyone else had heard this rumor?

John Clayton 4 years, 8 months ago

I call BS on that one, he's a ladies man plain and simple! I've seen him interact with children over the years in a sweet, gentle and completely appropriate way. Check out The Friends of Dennis on facebook...

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