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Beer, rock n' roll, alpacas and more


The lasso's rounding up a lot of local food and music today. Let's see what we've got:

• This is one is for the beer lovers. The Pitch writes about Boulevard and Sierra Nevada's second collaboration, which is available today: the earthy Tierra Incognita.

• Mrs. Mass continues her adventures up and down the Massachusetts Street area with a visit to Mirth Cafe.

• Super important treat news: Munchers Bakery has lemon berry cake balls for 85 cents (plus tax)

From Facebook

From Facebook by Alma Bahman

• Carol of Tall Tales from Kansas takes a trip out to Henry's Plant Farm. Warning: cute alpaca pictures ahead.

• CMJ features local band Hospital Ships in it Scene Report.

• I Heart Local Music covers Richard's Rock Camp and these kids can really rock out. These girls do a pretty great job covering The Black Keys:

• Speaking of music, Jeopardy of Content tosses out some great concert recommendations for the week.

• Finally in fashion, Kansas Couture is in a "sunflower state of mind."


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