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Keegan vs. Tait: Week 3


Both of us went 7-3 last week, even though we missed a couple of different games.

That allowed me to keep my one-game lead heading into Week 3, when we a couple different picks yet again.

As you can see, we're both looking for an easy KU victory today over Louisiana Tech.

Let's see what happens!

Overall standings:
Tait - 7-3 in Week 2; 15-5 overall
Keegan - 7-3 in Week 2; 14-6 overall

Week 3 games:
Kansas vs. Louisiana Tech
West Virginia at Maryland
Texas State at Texas Tech
Kansas State at Texas
Louisiana-Monroe at Baylor
Arizona State at Stanford
Michigan State at Notre Dame
Auburn at LSU
Tennessee at Florida
Purdue at Wisconsin

Question: What animal and what breed of that animal  do you think makes the best pet and why?

Kansas 31, Louisiana Tech 10
West Virginia 23, Maryland 20
Texas Tech 45, Texas State 13
Texas 30, Kansas State 28
Baylor 48, Louisiana-Monroe 17
Arizona State 35, Stanford 34
Notre Dame 26, Michigan State 21
LSU 30, Auburn 16
Florida 28, Tennessee 13
Wisconsin 38, Purdue 23

Answer: I've lived with all kinds of pets throughout my life, from different types of dogs to cats, birds and even fish. But none of those were pets that I had my heart set on and picked out personally. Because of that, I don't have any real strong allegiances to any type of pet. I do, however, have to point out that my wife is always wanting one of those monkeys like Ross had on Friends or the fellas had in The Hangover. I'm sure we'd regret it if we went for it, but that sounds pretty cool, especially if we could train him to bring us drinks and snacks.

Kansas 35, Louisiana Tech 14
Texas 31, Kansas State 28
Texas Tech 42, Texas State 14
Baylor 59, Louisiana-Monroe 14
Stanford 31, Arizona State 17
Notre Dame 21, Michigan State 17
Maryland 31, West Virginia 28
LSU 31, Auburn 10
Florida 28, Tennessee 20
Wisconsin 35, Purdue 10

Answer: Dogs truly are a man's best friend. Regardless of how badly you've been savaged in an email, how horribly you've played golf, etc., your dog greets you at the front door as if you've been missing for a year and was just found. It washes your troubles away and makes you realize you always have a friend. Tibetan Terriers aren't the most common breed, just the best. They're medium-sized dogs — 25 to 30 pounds — with a big-dog personality. They rarely bark, don't shed and always want to be by your side but don't want to sit on your lap. My wife's favorite breed was a Bichon Friche, mine a Labrador Retriever. My sister-in-law suggested we look into Tibetan Terriers. I researched them on the Internet and called a breeder who lived about 20 minutes from us. He asked if we were interested in a show dog or pet. I said pet. "Most of the people who come to us for a pet come because the husband wants a Lab and the wife wants a Bichon," he said, using those breeds as examples. Sold! Super loyal with fun personalities.  


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