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Keegan vs. Tait: Week 4


With a perfect third week, my boss, the veteran, Mr. College Football, Tom Keegan, has climbed into the lead in our Keegan vs. Tait college football pick 'em contest.

Now, it's worth pointing out that there's a lonnnngggg way to go in this thing, and he leads by just a game. But perfect is perfect, so, at least for today, I tip my cap in his direction and move forward hoping he misses at least one this week. Maybe that will put an end to all of the gloating, biceps flexing and chest pounding he did around the office this week.

Here's a look at how things look in Week 4, where we, somewhat surprisingly, both picked Kansas to pull off the upset over No. 20 Texas Tech:

Tait: 8-2 in Week 3; 23-7 overall
Keegan: 10-0 in Week 3; 24-6 overall

Texas Tech at Kansas
Kansas State at Oklahoma State
West Virginia at Baylor
TCU at Oklahoma
Ohio State at Northwestern
Washington at Stanford
Arkansas at Florida
Arizona State at Notre Dame
Mississippi at Auburn
Maryland at Florida State

Question: Who's your favorite musician/band that not many people have heard of and why?

Matt Tait:
Kansas 27, Texas Tech 21
Oklahoma State 30, Kansas State 20
Baylor 56, West Virginia 17
Oklahoma 28, TCU 16
Ohio State 26, Northwestern 17
Stanford 33, Washington 23
Florida 24, Arkansas 22
Notre Dame 27, Arizona State 24
Auburn 24, Mississippi 23
Florida State 27, Maryland 16

Answer: I'll be honest here. I actually thought that my answer to this question was much better known than he is — at least in the circles that I travel. Having just seen him in concert last Friday in Kansas City, I talked a lot about the show (which was amazing, by the way) both before and after it happened and almost everyone I mentioned it to (including KU football linebacker Samson Faifili, a fantastic musician in his own right) said the same thing, “Who's that?” His name is Michael Franti and, in addition to being an incredible human being with a huge heart, he's a modern day Bob Marley meets John Lennon meets hip hop. There are a ton of things I like about Franti, from his music and grooves to his lyrics and message. But, without question, one of the best things about the guy is how much love he has for people of all races, religions and mindsets. His music is upbeat and inspirational and brings with it that island feel that makes him the perfect artist for any poolside playlist.

Tom Keegan:
Kansas 28, Texas Tech 24
Oklahoma State 42, Kansas State 17
Baylor 70, West Virginia 35
Oklahoma 31, TCU 14
Ohio State 28, Northwestern 21
Stanford 38, Washington 28
Florida 35, Arkansas 25
Notre Dame 35, Arizona State 28
Mississippi 38, Auburn 24
Florida State 35, Maryland 21

Answer: I like live music in small venues and really enjoyed The Latenight Callers, a local band, at the Bottleneck a couple of years ago. The lead singer has a cool voice and knows how to play to the crowd. They just came out with their first full-length album and I'm looking forward to giving it a listen.


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