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Tweetcap from Monday, Oct. 28


Matt Tait's "Tweetcap"

Matt Tait's "Tweetcap" by Matt Tait

Between the morning Big 12 coaches teleconference and KU football coach Charlie Weis' “Hawk Talk” radio show at night, Monday's usually a pretty big Twitter day for me.

In the second installment of my new Tweetcap feature, here's a look back at some of the highlights of a busy Monday, which included a look back at KU's loss to Baylor and a look ahead to KU's match-up with Texas this week in Austin.

Here it is, in reverse chronological order:

Weis said he senses that all the ‪#KUfball guys from Texas are fired up for this week's chance to play at UT…

Weis: KU will leave for Austin earlier than normal Fri. Doing walk-thru @ UT instead of at KU… Trying anything to come out sharp. ‪#KUfball

Weis has respect for Mack Brown: He's a good coach and a good man. But he was a good coach & man last year when tried to beat him… ‪#KUfball

Weis was asked when Pierson might be OK: We just don't know. He practiced all week last week & we thought he was good… ‪#KUfball

Weis said LB Ben Heeney is better & has a chance to play this week… Holding him out was a game time decision vs. Baylor. ‪#KUfball

Weis on punter Trevor Pardula, who averaged 47+ yards on 11 punts vs. Baylor: He bounced back nicely from the Oklahoma game… ‪#KUfball

Weis on Josh Ford injury: Got hurt in practice last week during a special teams drill and that's why he missed the Baylor game… ‪#KUfball

Weis on RB/WR Brandon Bourbon: The fact that he's become more versatile has allowed us to get him more involved this year… ‪#KUfball

Weis said guys like Keba Agostinho & Kevin Young are two of the guys playing the best right now b/c of pride & experience… ‪#KUfball

Weis on WR Rodriguez Coleman: We've been waiting for him to break out. Made a couple plays last wk & he'll get more opps this wk... ‪#KUfball

Weis: Jake (Heaps) has a very high ceiling and I don't think we've come close to tapping the ceiling on how good he can be… ‪#KUfball

Weis said Heaps was much improved vs. Baylor. The reason the 2 QB deal can work is b/c of Heaps' character… ‪#KUfball

Weis: The sky's the limit for Montell. Said he'd like to have Cozart be as big as Holsopple says he can be w/o losing quickness... ‪#KUfball

Weis on Cozart & snaps: He saved us a couple times because a couple of those snaps were high and to the right… ‪#KUfball

Looking over Texas game notes: Big reason for UT's recent turnaround is the O-Line. Horns haven't given up a sack in 9 quarters. ‪#KUfball

Weis said the ideal scenario, unless a guy clearly separates, is that playing them both is the way to go, via the hot hand method… ‪#KUfball

Weis on juggling QBs: We intended to play 'em about half and half in the game. Cozart played a few more than Heaps. ‪#KUfball

Weis opens tonight's Hawk Talk radio show with serious compliments for Baylor, which he says has as dynamic an offense as there is ‪#KUfball

‪#KUfball at Oklahoma State, Nov. 9 will kick off at 3 pm on Fox Sports 1... KU at Texas set for 2:30 this Saturday.

Weis asked about expectations for this team: We had 2 games get away from us, the rest of the games have been games into the 4th Q. ‪#KUfball

Weis said Texas is rarely out of position and their defensive philosophy is to just let their athletes be athletes… ‪#KUfball

Weis said this year's UT team is a lot better in a lot of areas, even over the beginning of this year. Added it's rather dramatic. ‪#KUfball

Lot of questions about last year's ‪#KUfball-Texas game for Weis this morning…

Weis was asked if he's still counting the days since KU's last Big 12 win. He said once B12 play starts, it's a week-by-week thing. ‪#KUfball

Mack Brown said "Charlie's a great football coach, not a good football coach. And Kansas is really lucky to have him." ‪#KUfball


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