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Keegan vs. Tait: Week 6


Despite having three games different last week, there was no real separation gained in our challenge.

I mean, yes, I did out-pick Tom once again, but it was only by one game and I have higher standards than that. Still, it's nice to be back in front, even if it is only by a game.

We've only got one game different this week — Tom picked Notre Dame and I picked USC — so any serious separation will have to wait another week or two.

As for the Kansas-Oklahoma game, our predictions were remarkably similar and seemed to be based around the idea that the KU offense has not proven it can score. Having said that, neither of us picked an OKlahoma blowout.

We'll see what happens. Here's a look at our picks:

Tait: 8-2 in Week 5; 40-10 overall

Keegan: 7-3 in Week 5; 39-11 overall

Kansas vs. Oklahoma
TCU at Oklahoma State
Texas Tech at West Virginia
Iowa State at Baylor
Florida State at Clemson
Auburn at Texas A&M
UCLA at Stanford
Florida at Missouri
USC at Notre Dame
Minnesota at Northwestern

Question: What is the coolest golf hole you ever have played?

Oklahoma 30, Kansas 13
Oklahoma State 24, TCU 21
Texas Tech 41, West Virginia 21
Baylor 63, Iowa State 20
Florida State 27, Clemson 25
Texas A&M 33, Auburn 23
UCLA 35, Stanford 31
Florida 27, Missouri 20
USC 30, Notre Dame 24
Northwestern 28, Minnesota 16

Answer: I can't remember the name of the course, but it was in Vail, Colorado, and, really, I could use every hole on the course as the answer here. Particularly on the front nine, which started at one point and descended a couple thousand feet down the mountain. Each tee shot was incredible. It was like you were landing each shot on top of a cloud. The only down side was the back nine, which climbed back up the couple thousand feet you just climbed down. I don't remember what I shot, but the score was definitely irrelevant. Incredible experience.

Oklahoma 31, Kansas 10
Oklahoma State 35, TCU 17
Texas Tech 31, West Virginia 28
Baylor 70, Iowa State 21
Florida State 31, Clemson 28
Texas A&M 35, Auburn 24
UCLA 31, Stanford 30
Florida 28, Missouri 27
Notre Dame 21, USC 17
Northwestern 31, Minnesota 17

Answer: No. 13 at Shadow Glen Golf Club in Olathe. It demands a good drive that avoids the trees on the right. A creek with an oxbow bend — hence the name of the hole, which is Oxbow — butts up against the left front of the green. The hole has sort of a Gilligan's Island feel to it, which brings back great memories of childhood TV viewing. Why were those guys always trying to get off the island? I'll never figure that one out.


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