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Tweetcap from Thursday, Nov. 7


Matt Tait's Tweetcap from Nov. 7

Matt Tait's Tweetcap from Nov. 7 by Matt Tait

Not sure why it jumped out to me, but the section on Page 6 of the weekly KU football game notes really caught my eye this week.

Maybe, like many of you, I was curious if the black-and-white numbers would offer any better proof of the progress that's been made with KU football. Either way, I kept staring.

At first, I did a quick scan for all of the good numbers, teens, 20s, single digits. Believe it or not, there were a decent number of those. Then, because I always strive to be fair and balanced, I figured I'd look at the more damning numbers, high 80s, high 90s, triple digits. Not surprisingly, there were a fair number of those, as well.

Anyway, since it caught my eye, I started Tweeting out a few of the highlights. You can find those in the Tweetcap below. I've also attached a photo of the actual notes in case you want to check out the rankings in their entirety.

It's broken down, from left to right, by category, NCAA ranking, Big 12 ranking and then the stat.

Enjoy. Here's the rest of the Tweetcap from the past couple of days:

Got sucked into national ‪#KUfball rankings… A few more: 1st, the good: 16th in net punting; 30th in INTs, 16th in punt return, 56th in TFL

A couple more positives: 68th in red zone D, 42nd in punt return D, 44th in team pass efficiency D, 30th in turnover margin… ‪#KUfball

Now a few bummers… 115th in 3rd-down conversions, 116th in completion %, 120th in 1st downs, 111th in pass O, 118th in total O ‪#Kufball

Couple more: 106th in blocked kicks allowed, 98th in sacks allowed, 112th in red zone O, 114th in scoring O, 113th in TFL allowed ‪#KUfball

More accolades roll in for former ‪#KUfball RB Jon Cornish, who was named a CFL All-Star today. He's also in running for POY and Canadian POY

Long travel day forced us to miss last week, but the Friday Game Prep ‪#KUfball chat is back. Noon tomorrow. Be there. ‪http://ljw.bz/17QadEm 

Broncos or not, ‪#KUfball fans have to like this: Chris Harris now has his own official web site & it's pretty cool: ‪http://ljw.bz/1baN1RV

Now for a few positive ‪#KUfball stats: 2nd nationally in blocked punts, 4th in 4th-down D, 17th in fumbles recovered & 21st in TOs gained…

More bad news for ‪#KUfball… Oklahoma State's defense, which ranks 5th overall in the Big 12, is 1st against the run & 8th against the pass.

Bad news for ‪#KUfball… The Jayhawks' worst quarter has been Oklahoma State's best. OSU has outscored opponents 86-17 in the 3Q this season

In case you haven't seen it, former ‪#KUfball safety Bradley McDougald was waived by Kansas City this week & has been picked up by Tampa Bay.

KU's NCAA and Big 12 rankings in several offensive and defensive categories through Week 8

KU's NCAA and Big 12 rankings in several offensive and defensive categories through Week 8 by Matt Tait


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