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What caught my eye at Wednesday's practice: Oct. 17


KU tailback James Sims takes a beating during a running back drill at Wednesday's practice.

KU tailback James Sims takes a beating during a running back drill at Wednesday's practice. by Matt Tait

One of the more interesting moments from Wednesday’s practice came after the team wrapped up its stretching and moved on to individual drills by position.

Before they broke into groups, KU coach Charlie Weis called the whole team to the middle of the field for a quick talk. What he said was hard to pick up thanks to the wind — and I’m sure Coach Weis was trying to keep the volume down a little, too — but the bits and pieces I was able to make out were kind of interesting to here.

• “If you can’t run the play...”

• “Full speed.”

• “Now, let’s go to work.”

I know. Nothing groundbreaking. But when you throw those snippets into the context of understanding that Weis put together a whole new offensive gameplan just for this week’s game against Oklahoma, it was kind of interesting to hear.

I, for one, can’t wait to see what wrinkles Weis adds to the offense now that he’ll have both Dayne Crist and Michael Cummings in the mix at quarterback.

It could be subtle. It could be obvious. Maybe it’s something really cool that I don’t even know about.

Either way, it seems clear that the KU offense — coaches and players — has been working overtime this week to give the Jayhawks some kind of chance against the Sooners this weekend in Norman.

For those following along, yesterday my official stance was that Crist would start and Cummings would play more. It’s changed. I think Cummings gets the start and, if he does well, I’m not sure he’ll come out much. I’m not basing that on anything other than what’s in my own mind and a little over-analysis of the question at hand.

Check back tomorrow, and again Friday, as it’s certainly possible that my “gut feeling” could change yet again.

Here’s what else caught my eye at Wednesday’s practice:

• Still no Daymond Patterson. The senior wide receiver has been dealing with the effects of a head injury this week and the longer things go with him not practicing the less likely it becomes that he will play this weekend, especially when you consider that they’re adding a new look to the offense. As a side note, I think it's going to be real interesting to see who steps up if Patterson can't go. With him and D.J. Beshears both out, there's an opportunity out there for someone to raise his game. True freshman Tre' Parmalee did that against Oklahoma State, so he might be the most obvious choice. That said, I think Kale Pick is in for a huge game against the Sooners. There just seems to be some kind of special between Pick and Cummings.

Tony Pierson looked good today, but he was once again held out of some of the heavy contact drills. They didn’t go as easy on him today as they did yesterday, but he was still limited in some capacity. Most likely just a precaution. If there’s a chance he can play, I’m betting he’ll play. It’s gonna take all of KU’s bullets to hang with OU.

• Finally, the Coach Weis song of the day was “No Apologies” by Bon Jovi.


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