Sundance Fever

Sundance Part Deux Day 8

Sean Blake

Today we get up early to get in line for a special event at the Music Cafe. Political activist and historian Howard Zinn is here to present readings from his book, “A People’s History of the United States.” It’s a collection of letters, and other documents from the view of ...

Sundance Part Deux Day 7

Sean Blake

First thing this morning I went to Sundance’s Salt Lake City Box Office to try exchanging tickets for a different show time for a movie called “Arlen Faber” because the tickets we had for the next day conflicted with another event we wanted to attend. Unfortunately the other screening was ...

Sundance Part Deux Day 6

Sean Blake

Sundance is about halfway over at this point — and the crowds are thinning out. The local shopkeepers say the rough economy along with the presidential inauguration has had an effect on turnout for this year’s fest.Almost entirely gone this year are the massive amounts of freebies once offered by ...

Sundance Part Deux Day 5

Sean Blake

We got to a late start today. We were going to try and wait-list for “Sex, Lies and Videotape” which was having a one-time screening at the Egyptian on Main Street. The movie is one of the “Sundance Collection” movies that came out of previous years of the festival. Unfortunately, ...

Sundance Part Deux Day 4

Sean Blake

Today my girlfriend and I had our own experience getting on the wait-list for a Sundance screening. “When You’re Strange,” a Tom DiCillo documentary about The Doors, had sold out all of its screenings very early on. There were two possibilities for getting tickets. One was going to the box ...

Sundance Part Deux Day 3

Sean Blake

Our movie’s second screening was in Salt Lake City. This was my first chance to see our movie, "The Only Good Indian," with a large audience. The nice thing about screenings outside of Park City is that they tend to have more "regular folk" rather than industry insiders or film ...

Sundance: Part Deux, Day 2

Sean Blake

So in the Day 1 blog I mentioned one of the lesson’s learned was that it was worth the extra money to purchase credentials that give you admittance to several venues otherwise off limits to you at the festival. Today’s lesson is one of humility.The day began pretty nicely -- ...

Sundance: Part Deux, Day 1

Sean Blake

My name's Sean Blake, and I supervised editing on "The Only Good Indian." It's my third go round with Kevin Willmott and his growing "stock company" of Kansas filmmakers, and I'm glad to be part of the gang.This is our second trip to the Sundance Film Festival - which is ...

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