What are Lawrence’s most iconic drinks? Help us decide

photo by: Sara Shepherd

Schooners of beer (Bud Light, at left, and Free State Ad Astra Ale) at Louise's Downtown, 1009 Massachusetts St.

In August of this year, the Journal-World (with ample help from readers) assembled a list of Lawrence’s top 10 food wonders. A few months later, the popular project has spawned a spinoff: drinks. And we’re going to need your assistance once again.

We’re looking for libations, alcoholic or otherwise, that have proven to be among the tastiest, most original and most beloved in the Lawrence community. Remember, this means a specific drink, not simply “the coffee at La Prima Tazza” or “the beer at Free State.”

The nominees must meet certain criteria:

• Has it been around a while? Think at least five years or more.

• Is it unique to Lawrence? Drinks from chains — unless they started here — will not be considered.

• Is it popular? Is it well-known within the community?

• Is it good? Obviously, taste is subjective, but you get the idea. These aren’t necessarily the “best-tasting” drinks in the city — we’re looking for the most iconic.

Here are a few of suggestions we’ve received via Twitter so far. Chime in to help us decide which of these should make the cut, which shouldn’t and what’s missing. You can comment below, on Facebook, by email and Tweeting @lcom or @hlavacekjoanna. Cheers!

• Brazilian Lemonade at La Parilla

• Ginger Smash at Eighth Street Taproom

• Schooners at Louise’s Downtown/Louise’s West

• Ad Astra Ale at Free State Brewing Company

• Wheat State Golden beer at Free State Brewing Company

• Moscow Mule at The Bourgeois Pig

• Dirty Banana at The Sandbar

• Shark Attack at The Sandbar

• Bloody Mary at Louise’s West

• Sangria at Henry’s Upstairs

Tips welcome!

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